Not posted in while but thinking about starting treatment after two years of relaxing I'm a bit worried though as my periods suddenly stopped 17 months ago and haven't returned but I already have froze eggs so hoping this won't effect anything with my next treatment .. Any advice would be great?

They have done blood test several time which have come back fine also had a ultra sound which they said was ok but no womb lining and now I have to wait until June for next appointment to find out what's next which is making me feel fed up.

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  • How come you have to wait until June? X

  • They just said that was the next available appointment

  • Oh I see, yes that's quite frustrating But will hopefully come round quickly for you x

  • I just want to know if it'll affect my next treatment as thinking about starting again now after a failed icsi attempt in July 2015 x

  • I am sure someone on here will know, or ask Diane the nurse on here xx

  • My clinics have never ever been worried that I don't bleed for months sometimes.

    Before my first ivf appointment I'd bled constantly and heavily for 9 months. Then I went on the pill for a bit and then I was having random spot bleeding for 1-2 days every 2-3 weeks or sometimes 9-10 weeks!. So when I started my first cycle it began with Provera to force me to have a period. I didn't believe it would really work. Oh it did!

    This time I was put on the pill for a couple of months then bled (before and) after I finished it.

    I was amazed how the doctors just take over your body. I wish I'd written this down when I was panicking three weeks ago about my period coming while I was one week away from stopping it! So don't worry... and remember... there'll always have been another woman just like you that they've had to treat too xx

  • I don't think having no period should slow the process down. I never have periods, I always have to have provera to make me bleed so they can start a cycle and control it. I'm sure once you explain yours have stopped suddenly (most likely due to stress and having so many hormones in your previous treatment) they will just do the same to you. Good luck this time with your little frozen beans xx

  • Thankyou this had put my mind at rest x

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