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Lack of periods

Hi, I have had 4 periods in 4 years! My last one was nearly a year ago now. I went to the doctor around 2 and a half years ago but they said there's nothing to worry about and come back when I wanted to have children, didn't do any tests or anything! But as I've gotten older I realised that there must be something not write! Me and my partner have been talking about trying for a baby but I'm scared it won't happen! I have excessive body hair, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, and feeling very depressed! And weight gain which I just can't shift! I wondered if anyone else has every been through this or any ideas. I'm just really scared to go to the doctors 

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I would definitely go back to see your GP. Their first response really wasn't appropriate. Tell your GP that you are worried, that you are considering trying for a baby and that if there is an issue you want to know sooner rather than later. I would ask them to test to check you are ovulating. This be done via a simple blood test. If not, you can be given medication to try and correct this which may be enough. You should also ask to have your hormone levels checked (AMH which tells you what your egg reserves are and FSH which is an indicator of early menopause). You may also want them to check your thyroid function. It can all sound a bit overwhelming (i know) but, hopefully everything will be ok and if not, there are solutions! I think it's much better to be informed and in a position to make decisions than sitting at home worrying! 

Good luck x 


Hi, I agree with hopeful, completely inappropriate, there's definitely something to investigate to get your periods back. I would go back to the GP but say you've been trying for a year or two because sometimes they wait for that length of time before sending for testing but with your symptoms I would think it highly inappropriate if they didn't investigate further straight away but I wish I'd lied, we may have got IVF funding if I had! 

Good luck xxx


I was on the pill for 10 years and came off last May to try for a baby. Had no period for 6 months so went to GP who did some tests but couldn't find anything wrong with my hormone levels, told me to come back in another 6 months if not pregnant as '8/10 couples my age conceive in first year' - I was adamant that this was surely b******t if I wasn't having periods and she couldn't tell me if I was ovulating or not. Luckily I have private health insurance that cover fertility investigation and I got checked out, a laparoscopy revealed I have very lazy tubes which mean chances of natural conception are <10% and IVF is recommended. I also have polycystic ovaries. I am now back with NHS starting first IVF cycle next month.

If your gut instinct tells you something is wrong, do not be fobbed off. I would definitely tell them you have been trying over a year and the NHS should then investigate.

If I'd have waited, I would still be t


Thank you all for getting back to me, I really appreciate it!! I am going to book a doctors appointment as soon as. You have all gave me that push I needed to go the doctors so thank you! Hopefully it's something that can be resolved. Or as you say there is alternatives. I just worried because I'm still very young I'm 21 and this has been happening since I was around 16 and even before that I have never had a "normal" cycle. It has never been every 28 days, always at least 3/4 months in between then just got further and further apart. 


Also I don't think age has anything to do with it, the doctor may think so but if you want a family now it's your choice plus a lot of women with fertility issues can wait several years for their babies so best to investigate now. Also a lot of women swear by acupuncture for this if you can afford it I would definitely recommend xxx


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