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Irregular periods


All my life I have had very irregular periods and very painful ones. However they aren't very heavy and I never have spotting of bleeding in between periods.

I had a day 21 ovulation test years ago when I started my fertility investigations which came back as normal that I did ovulate.

But recently after doing some reading I have wondered have I been ovulating properly or at all all these years?!

Anyone have any experience with this or been told they likely don't ovulate properly with irregular periods?? I have done ovulation tests which always did show me a 'Peak' icon every month but are these always accurate?

My periods could be for example 28, 35, 44, 50, 24, 33 etc the shortest being 24 day cycle and the longest being 53.

I'm starting clomid on my next cycle which I'm now hopeful about because if this is the issue then this is what could help. I think GPS should check more than 1 month for positive ovulation at the beginning.

I just think it's not right and have been told by so many Drs 'some women just have irregular cycles and that is that'

Any comments welcome


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I have PCO and I am on my third round of clomid.

I have had awful issues with my cycles I was even under general gynaes- heavy periods to the point where I'm anaemic- bleeding and cramping between my cycles- my LH showed too early cd8 , I'd finish my period and 2 days later I'd be trying to ovulate, and my periods ranged from 21-35 days.

I asked my consultant if clomid would solve my period issues he seemed very confident it would. He was right-happily my periods are much more normal! Yes clomid can resolve any mestrual issues.

With pco not pcos it is totally possible to have normal hormonal levels and not be ovulating-mine always showed as normal. But with the menstrual cycle issues occurring after ovulation indicated an ovulation problem.Also my insulin levels are too high a sign of PCO -boderline type 2 diabetic-which I'm controlling with low GI diet-recommended by my consultant. Have lost much weight-amazing diet!

PCO is also very common more than PCOS-women tend to develop it late 20s - early 30s- I had a child normally at 17, but 12 years later unable to-but I'm hoping clomid will change that 🙏🏻

All the best with clomid. The only side effects I've had is hot flushes whilst taking it. 😊

There is a clomid calculator online you can use to find your fertile days(-clomid can alter ovulation stick results). I have found that helpful!

Hope the clomid brings you a lovely positive 💕🌈


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Thank you so much, glad the clomid has helped regulate your cycles and I've my fingers crossed for you for the outcome you desire.

Hopefully it will be good for me too and end up in a pregnancy.

I just wish I knew about this before but at least I do now.

Thanks for your message, best of luck to you xx


Hi Isa84. Well, after all this waiting, it's good to see that you are to start Clomid to hopefully regulate your periods and ovulation. Might take a couple of cycles to do this, but I do wish you well, and let's hope that this is all you need. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane,

I really hope this helps and it's been what I needed. Fingers crossed, thank you for your support



Hi Isa84. I do hope so. If you do get any headaches while on Clomid, then try drinking extra water. The drug actually works on glands in your brain, not directly on your ovaries, so sometimes headaches occur. Good luck! Diane

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