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Cycle buddies starting stimulation now(ish)?

Hello everyone,

After a disastrous failed first cycle (long protocol, threat of tube removal, 8 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilised, none cleaving properly so nothing put back or frozen), I've just had my start up scan and we're good to go!

This time around, short protocol, and Menopur (instead of Gonal-F), starting today.

Fingers crossed we get better quality eggs this way.

Anyone else at this stage want to buddy up to share our woes and highs? Fingers for few of the former and tons of the latter!

Lots of lucky baby dust for everyone out there!

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I've got my scan on Monday so will hopefully start Gonal-F stims then so will be a few days behind you but not far.

Really hope you have a successful cycle this time and all of your issues from the previous cycle are behind you. X

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