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Starting ET in 2 weeks ish

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Hi just wondered if I could find others going through injections now/ starting ET in a fortnight? I'm a first timer and on short protocol drugs.

Woke up feeling quite negative and I have no idea why. Have been really positive most of the time so am trying to distract myself with positive thoughts! Anyone at the same stage as me or have any tips to share, please do 😊😊😊 xx Good luck everyone xx

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Hey hon, it's natural to have down points especially right before starting treatment, it can feel scary and daunting - what happened to all the stuff you were just saying to me!! You are doing something really positive with this treatment, in just a few weeks time you could have a little nugget of love in your tummy to nurture and protect πŸ’•. hold onto that when things get tough- and remember, one step at a time. xx

Kat9lives in reply to WeeMrsH

Thanks lovely xxx I know I'm being silly, and am trying to shake off my negative head! 😊 Hope you're ok xxx

WeeMrsH in reply to Kat9lives

Not silly at all!!! Get some nice distraction on the go like you said- date night or shopping! And do whatever you need to get your body ready to help you feel like you have some sort of control. Good luck :) xx

Kat9lives in reply to WeeMrsH

Thanks, just the "mind shake" I needed! Xx 😊

Oh hunnie, I am petrified of needles and the injections aren't so badπŸ˜‰I've been on them for almost two weeks now. I use an ice pack wrapped in muslin on my tummy to numb the area before the injection which helps! Do some retail therapy, that will help to cheer you up😜Try and stay positive and remember why you are doing this, I'm always here to chatπŸ˜‰Take care and good luck with it all xxxx

Kat9lives in reply to Lozza97

Thanks lovely, I'll use your tips when I start injections next week 😊 xx

Hidden in reply to Kat9lives


The injections aren't bad at all. I got round it thinking if I were diabetic of have to do them daily, with luck this is just a short time x


I am around the same stage as you I think, I am also on my first IVF cycle but on long protocol. I started stims on Thursday so it'll probably be a couple of weeks till my egg collection (or maybe less, we are a slave to our bodies right now aren't we 😳)

How have you found it so far? Physically it hasn't been as bad as I thought, but emotionally I have been up & down with no patterns to that! Like yourself I have been positive but some days I feel inexplicably low, even if I was fine the day before.

I have been keeping busy but I have the Zita west book (excellent by the way) which says we should be taking it easy now, even limiting exercise as it restricts blood flow to the eggs/uterus, who knew! I often go on long walks with our dog/ to the gym so I find this difficult and always assumed exercise was a good thing.

I hope all goes well for you, keep us posted xx

Kat9lives in reply to Georgina78

I have the same book! I think hers is the best I've read so far, so many little tips etc. I've been ok on the whole so far. ..a few blips and some emotional outbursts!! 😊 best of luck hun and keep in touch so we can share advice! Xx

Georgina78 in reply to Kat9lives

It's a good one isn't it, very sensible and informative, I got quickly fed up and overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice on the web and just wanted decent advice all in one place. I am doing everything I can to help myself but I am struggling to cut out sugar and would love a glass of wine this evening but I won't! It's hard giving up so much with no guarantee of success isn't it πŸ˜•

Yes let's definitely keep in touch and lots of luck to you too 😘 x


Hey hon,

In doing a FET in about 2 weeks God willing my cool kids warm up well.


Also just started on short protocol, my first injection last night was surprisingly easy. I have had a headache today but think that's because I am on a high dose, just keep drinking tons of water x

Thanks ladies let's keep in touch and spur each other on. Hope the injections are ok, I'm scared of them but I know it's just mind over matter and one step closer to our goal! Keep smiling and lots of luck to you all xxx

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