Another little angel , not meant to be

So after our 10 days wait we had our re scan today and it showed the baby's heart beat was gone And it hasn't grown at all in the 10 days.

Although we were prepared for the worst I still had hope that our little bean would catch up. Just so sad as it is our second loss in 6 months. This process is just so hard, so relentless.

Thank you all so much for your support and kind words over the past few days

Emma X

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  • Emma I'm so sorry you didn't get the news that you were hoping for, only the news you expected. I feel your loss. If you have any questions about a D and C (if that's the course your loss will take) then as usual, feel free to message me. Again I'm sorry for the loss of you and your partner's little one.

    Vicky xx

  • So sorry to hear this, it's so cruel and unfair. Look after yourselves xxx

  • Oh how sad :_( Hang in there! One day the happy outcome will follow. Treat yourself well in the meanwhile!

  • So sorry Emma. It's heartbreaking xxx

  • Oh honey I am so sorry. This process is horrible! So so unfair! I am sobbing reading this. Please look after yourself. You're in my thoughts xxx

  • So so sorry to read this Emma, I can't even begin to think how you must have been feeling. May god give you all the strength and blessings for the future ahead.

  • So sorry to hear this! Look after each other xx

  • Oh Emma, I'm so sorry to read this. There's just too much devastating news on this feed recently and I'm so sorry you're one of the people who has to go through this pain. Thinking of you. X

  • Such sad news, I am so sorry for you both. It is almost too much to bear :(

    My thoughts (and many hugs) are with you xx

  • So sorry to hear this thinking of you xx

  • I feel sorry for you, it's awful when your baby is dying. I know it from my personal experience. My little embryos didn't survive and this is a nightmare. Sorry for your loss.

    Take care!!!!

  • Really sorry to hear this. Such sad news. Take care of yourselves the best you can xx

  • I'm so so sorry to read this, thinking of you and sending lots of love xxx

  • So sorry. I went thru this after my first IVF cycle in Nov-Jan. For me the 8 weeks of waiting and seeing if the blob would catch up were truly terrible but I did feel I'd managed to do some grieving. Everyone is different though as you prob know from last time. So so so so sorry and lots of hugs x you are so strong x

  • :-(

  • gosh im soooo sorry to be reading this, i was keeping everything crossed for you that the little miracle was going to catch up :-(

    stay strong and dont give up lovely xxx

  • Xxxxxx so sorry to hear that.. Big hugs xxxx

  • I am so sorry to read your post. If you need to pm re missed miscarriage experience etc then please don't hesitate in contacting. I know what a sad and lonely time this can feel like.

    Be kind to yourself.


  • I'm so very sorry to read this update, I was hoping your little beanie would catch up and now I've no words to comfort you. It's such an unfair world and I can only pray that you will find the strength to get through this and continue in any path you choose, hopefully with some answers. Thinking of you xoxo

  • So sorry. Thinking of you xxx

  • 😥

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