AF has finally arrived!!!

After thinking that DHEA had caused AF to go away, she appeared last night!!! Cycle length was 43 days, I have never been that long.

If all settles back down to normal now with length it should make better timing for our 3rd cycle in relation to work etc!!!

I have to admit I was starting to get a bit worried about the lack of appearance but now that it's here - I'd forgotten how rubbish I always feel!!!

Never happy are we?!?!

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  • Wow! That's a long cycle, I have been taking DHEA for about 4 weeks, I heard it could lengthen your cycle, but I didn't realise it would be that long!

  • I asked the consultant at the clinic a couple of weeks ago & then phoned in & asked the nurse on Friday & both said that DHEA shouldn't cause any issues with AF.

    The nurse suggested that it may be the Prostap still in my system from middle of August that was causing the delay!

    Not sure what to believe to be honest but it's here now & hopefully will regulate itself again now.

    Are you going to take the DHEA for the full 3 months before trying again? x

  • That's the plan. I started mid last month and if my cycle stays the same then I should have taken it for 12 weeks before trying again. Did you continue to take it right up to egg collection? I might have to speak to the clinic and see what they recommend.

  • I only started taking it after the 2nd cycle. I did ask the consultant about when I would stop and he said once you start stimming I think so I wasn't too worried about it. I will be 12 weeks taking it at the end of November so I've to phone in with my December period and they'll take it from there. However, due to labs closing over Christmas, collection etc won't be till start January!

  • I thought my Dr said I could take it up to collection, so I will have to check that, I am planning on going for November, if I can take it up to collection then that will be 12 weeks, if not 10. I think the way my cycle falls if I do December, I will be stuck in the middle of Christmas as well. Im not sure I want to wait until January, but guess I need to weigh up only taking it for 10 weeks v January.

  • My clinic has a two week shut down over Christmas so they are very careful with timings at that time of year, you might want to check that a November start is okay with them. My clinic says last start date for long protocol is 15th Nov this year.

  • My clinic only shuts Christmas Day. I'm on short protocol so if I go November, everything will be over with before Christmas, if I go December then I'm looking at egg collection between Christmas and New Year which I think is ok with the clinic but might be a challenge from a personal point of view!

  • I understand!

  • Hi lorraineb61. I would have thought it was down to the Prostap you had earlier on. It can take a while to leave your body and delay a bleed in some cases. Still, you're on you way now. Good luck! Diane

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