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Any known side effects of IVF

Hi all you wonderful people. I heard from a friend over the weekend that her cousin who had a few IVF's is now suffering from damaged liver and kidney's and is on chronic meds. They believe its related to the treatment as a few ladies from the clinic share similar stories.

Has anyone else heard of this? or any other side effects.

This has been worrying me since as I haven't had a liver and kidney test done and preparing for No 5 :-(

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Hi HopeGP. In many years I haven't heard of such "side effects". Women can suffer from hyper-stimulation when the ovaries produce lots of follicles and need treatment, plus the usual side effects from hormones. Could this lady's cousin have been unfortunate to have had these problems brewing beforehand?? If you are particularly worried, then speak to your GP. Good luck with No. 5. Diane

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Thank you Diane, shew this is a relief. Hate believing everything you hear but the treatment has me behaving a bit insane at times. I'm glad I checked. I'm sure it could be from prior to treatment and the ladies she told are probably thinking the same as I did. Hubby was also concerned when he heard this as I had a problem with kidneys before.

No 5 here I come, not sure where to yet but I'm coming lol!!!


Hi HopeGP. Pleasure! I assume that as you had kidney problems before, you have a regular check up - unless of course you were discharged. Good luck! Diane


Hi Diane. It was many years before and I was given a clean bill of health as they repaired themselves :-). Thank you


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