When will my body get the message?

Today I would have been 9+1. This morning I felt nauseous when I woke up, as I have done while I was pregnant. My breasts are still full and heavy. I took a test, thought maybe I'd test out my hormones? I didn't expect the lines to still be so dark. When will my body be back to normal? Everything is gone. Why is my body still taunting me? Anyone know how long it takes? xx

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  • It's so cruel isn't it...had a similar experience to you and was continuing to be sick and read as pregnant till a couple of weeks after a miscarriage - think it's sadly all the hormones settling - be very kind to yourself and your body will correct itself in time - thinking of you x

  • Thank you for letting me know how long it might take x

  • It is beyond cruel, my heart really goes out for you. It does take a few weeks for your body to recover, your head and heart need longer. I still think of my little angel I lost last year xoxo

  • Thank you Nesfin. I don't have much to compare it to. Thankfully. If my body felt normal I'd be halfway there maybe x

  • Lots of hugs xoxo

  • It took weeks for my body to feel not pregnant but I had medical management rather than D&C. It was really hard after all the heartache to still feel pregnant.

    Has anyone signposted you to The Miscarriage Association? I found their website & helpline really useful. You can ring up & have a chat with someone if that would help.

  • I hadn't thought of that, they've given us lots of leaflets etc, just felt swamped by it all and put them to one side x

  • Does anyone know when you can expect a period after a D and C?

  • Mine took 11 months sorry to say but we're all different x

  • I haven't got 11 months, I'm 37 now 😞 I will see a doctor before I let it get that far. Thank you for your reply xx

  • I'm 39 and didn't let it get that far through choice. I saw a doctor after about two months and was referred back to the hospital that did my surgical miscarriage. I had every test under the sun and they didn't know why they hadn't come back. Just kept telling me it was stress πŸ˜” x

  • That's awful 😞 X

  • Hi Tugsgirl. I got my period 4 weeks and 2 days after my D and C and I was 41 at the time and desperate for my cycle to return to 'normal' so I could try again. I think everyone is different and the nurses at the hospital said that usually for most people it arrives between 4 and 6 weeks after the operation. I hope that it doesn't take too long for your period to come. Thinking of you xx

  • Thank you. Yes I was told 4/6 weeks too. Yesterday my test was only a faint positive and today I didn't wake up feeling sick. I guess my body is adjusting again.. I'm still bleeding a little though but they said I might for a week or so and it's only a bit. Just want to get my period back, get a new plan, a new goal. I do better with a goal instead of sitting thinking I'm wasting precious time xx

  • Yes I know what you mean about just wanting to get your period back. I felt the same and hope that yours comes back soon so you can start to plan your next step. xx

  • Hi Tugsgirl

    It can take a while for the hormones to drop down again . Mine took 4-6 weeks . My boobs also leaked for a few weeks after too.


  • Had a period 2 weeks after my hormone levels had gone back to zero . Found it out by having a scan and the lady said your due to have a period soon xx

  • Thank you for replying x

  • It's ok no problem. Take care xx

  • So I could be realistically looking at between one and two months.. x

  • I was told everyone's body is different and that it depends on how far along you were . I was 8-10 weeks when we lost xx

  • I should have been 8+3 on our scan on Monday but it wasn't measuring much bigger than the 6 weeks. In many ways I'm glad I didn't let the clinic discharge me to 12 weeks under the hospital because who knows how much longer I would have gone on believing everything was fine xx

  • It is such a cruel journey to be going through :( xx

  • Hey, took couple of weeks after my surgery after ectopic for my hormone levels to go back down , had some of the symptoms least for 2 weeks after. Took 6 weeks for my period to come after. It's such a horrible thing to go through , hope each day u get less sad X

  • Thank you. Every part of this has been cruel but I didn't realise my body would still be acting pregnant once I'd had the D and C. It's like a nasty trick. I thought I'd have more closure after Thursday but maybe I won't get that closure until I no longer feel pregnant xx

  • Your right it is like a nasty trick. I think after my proceedure I had some sort of closure but then I Think too it only had started to sink in:( it was another stage in the grieving process. Just take r time and be kind to yourself , one day at a time X

  • It took about 4 weeks for my body to stop the pregnancy symptoms (really until next period) - it's so very cruel I know xxx

  • Hopefully I won't have to wait much longer than a month for my period then xx

  • I was still getting + tests 8 weeks after ☹️ I know we're all

    Different but it's like one last sting in the tail. Was almost four months before AF showed her face.


  • Oh I hope to God I don't have to wait four months for my period! 😞 xx

  • Ah Hun, it is unfair how the body can deceive u & like u said taunt u after all u have been thru.i think it does vary from person to person as to how long it takes for things to adjust and become normal again.i think with some it's a few weeks but I know with one girl it did take a few months for her levels to get back to normal although I think symptoms eased a lot quicker than that.

    I hope u get back to normal soon so that u can begin the healing process. I really feel for u. Big hugs xxx

  • Thank you. That's what I want. To get back to normal (physically) and have a goal in mind. I'm better when I have something to work towards xx

  • I think that's what keeps us strong.having a plan & an end goal in sight!! U r strong and u will get thru this xxx

  • Oh Tugsgirl as if you haven't been through enough my lovely 😒Life can be so cruel, I'm sorry I don't have any advice or experience of this but sending you huge hugs xxx

  • Thank you. I really appreciate it xx

  • I was told if my pregnancy tests didn't come back negative within three weeks then I should go to get checked out again.

    Who knew it would take so long? I really didn't until I had a mc. It's an unpleasant shock.

  • Ps I was only 7w 5d when I started to bleed so wasn't very far along, it might be different at different stages.

  • I did a test yesterday and it was a strong positive so just goes to show that all the while I was testing the lines for reassurance, it meant nothing because the baby has gone and I still have my two lines 😞 xx

  • I guess I naively thought after surgery my body wouldn't be left with any pregnancy hormones 😞 X

  • I guess they take a while to rise and a while to fall. ☹️

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