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Lovely Ladies IUI Clinics in London Plz recommend in Private msg

Hi everyone hope ur all doing well. I have been on the phone to 100ng the clinic. The clinic has said that i still have not been ref for ivf even though 3 rounds of clomid failed. I have app in few weeks. She said u will ref for ivf when i attened the app. However the clinic is fully booked for ivf tell end of june. If i was ref for ivf at my next app in few weeks i would have to wait untell nov dec for treatment. Just feel disappointed. I havento wait for aboyt 9 months between clomid fail tell ivf treatment is this not tooooo long..me and hubby had a chat n decided to look at iui. Can any of u lovely ladies recommend any clinics. Would have to be in London and i will have to go private. Many thanks.xzx

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Reason for private msg is to keep eithin the terms and cond of the this site. Thank you.x


Hi. I was just wondering how you were able to get 3 rounds of clomid? My doctor would only give me 1 round. She said that was all i could get.


Hey honey. Im sorry but i dont know the reason behind this its different with every clinic it just so confusing. Sorry to mention i was given 4 rounds but i only did 3 rounds. I know that some ladies r given 6 months to 1 year aswell its just different everywhere it might be to do with the post code lottery which i dont understand 100%.


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