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Hi all

Can I ask if any of the Scottish members on here have recently spoke to their clinic about the new guidelines to increase attempts from 2-3...My understanding is that this is for all new referrals? However I feel this is very unfair, that just because you have previously had treatment before April 2017 your not eligible? How on earth did they come up with this? Surely this needs to be challenged? I haven't spoke to my clinic yet but I do have a review next month. I'm very disappointed by this, it's almost like we're being penalised for having been referred sooner. Just looking for anyone else's take on it. I'm thinking about going to see my MSP to ask them to justify this decision....x

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  • I think you are right I read somewhere it was new patients only. I guess they have to have a cut off. Going to your msp is a good idea for sure. I have resigned myself to paying now and our clinic told us that's us done after two gshots and they were fairly blunt about it too xx

  • Hi WeeJacs. You may have to appeal against, but do get in touch with our Scotland branch Co-ordinator on gwenda@fertilitynetworkscot... and see what she can advise. Good luck! Diane

  • Hi Diana

    I will contact the Scottish branch. Thank you for your advice.


  • Yes, just for new referrals which is incredibly unfair! Hopefully you can appeal! I'm getting a third attempt but I'm not quite sure why as we got told it was a grey area and it was only because our last cycle went so well that we met criteria. Good luck!xx

  • Both our cycles went well just don't have a baby to show for it. Unfortunately both ended in a miscarriage. Can I ask what clinic you are at? I will be asking at our next appt x

  • I've sent you a PM.xx

  • Hey WeeJacs,

    Hope you are ok? I'm currently on my first cycle of IUI at Monklands (and going insane lol) but i was told that I can have the 3 cycles of IVF because I would be a new referral for IVF. This probably doesn't help you, but wanted to let you know first hand what i have been told. It doesn't seem fair and I completely agree with you. I wish they would allow everyone to have 3 cycles. xx

  • Where are you being treated Jacs? I'm at Glasgow Royal. I don't know anything about this yet, but I'd be really interested to hear what you find out - we just had our first unsuccessful try.

  • Hi Pandash i am at Glasgow Royal too. i will be asking next month but doubt very much we will get anywhere. I have been in touch with Fertility Network like Diane suggested but did'nt really get any advice. I understand it is for new referrals only but that is what we will be appealing. We will prob need to go to our MSP for clarification. If you read the guidelines it clearly says up to 3 if deemed clinically effective so not too sure if the media are portraying it wrong as everything i am reading is saying all new referrals are entitled to 3 attempts.

  • Sorry don't mean to jump on the post but was just interested to see if there has been any progress? I don't see why they can give new referrals more goes than someone who is currently or previously been through IVF? My first cycle got stopped so I'm still entitled to my 2 goes but I would have to pay for a 3rd when others are getting it for nothing? Doesn't seem fair :-( x

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