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Positive tests turned to negative tests at week 5 of pregnancy

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What has happened? I have been taking tests every other day since the 29th November, all have been positive apart from the 2 I did this morning. I did not sleep at all last night, could that affect tests? I just feel a bit lost now.

So I called the clinic and the GP, they have advised me to stay home this weekend and expect an early miscarriage and to contact the clinic to arrange a failed cycle meeting to discuss the issues and plan going forward. As you can imagine, we are devastated and sooo tired.

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Are the tests the same sensitivity? Have you got you got up through the night & been to the toilet? Did you drink excessive amounts of fluids? These factors can affect the results.

I would call your clinic/ or GP for further advice. They can run blood tests to see how your HCG levels are doing, which are more reliable than home tests.

Sorry you are going through this xoxo

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It’s he same test as I took the very first time. I got up a few times to go to the toilet, so maybe it’s just thrown the tests. I would expect to see the faintest of lines though.

You’re right calling the doc is he best thing.

Sorry you are having this scare. As Jess said if you went to the loo in the night or more importantly drank anything this will affect the concentration of your urine. First morning wee is usually nice and concentrated because we haven't drunk anything in about 8h. But if you didn't sleep all night I imagine you took in some fluid? I hope it goes back to positive next time xx

Are you using good tests like FRER.....have they been strong lines? It could be as the other have suggested the levels of hCG in your urine due to drinking and being up all night may not be high enough to detect. Unless you can get your GP or clinic to do an hCG test you are a bit stuck for answers until you can do another test, give the clinic a call to see if they can help. The ony other thing that Im loathe to mention is a chemical pregnancy where the embryo has started to take but hasnt gone the distance....I dont want to scare you, just to make you aware of the possibility. Big hugs, what a worrying time for you both.xx

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Yeah I’ve been reading this morning about blighted ovum, which is a horrendous term! I was so positive about the pregnancy, I’ve been off work since I started the injections, lucky break between jobs. Anyway, I suppose I shouldn’t get too upset just in case I am still pregnant.

I’ll keep you ladies updated as to what happens xxx

I’m sorry to read this. I can’t believe what a mindfck it is sometimes. It is possible to get false negative results. Also I think results are more unreliable if the hold isn’t at least 4 hours. I would contact your gp or clinic and ask if you can get some bloods done. Good luck xx

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