On holiday and period may even starting early

Hi all. Husband had the idea of going on hols before starting ivf. But now freaking out as I started spotting just now. And don't get home until tomorrow lunchtime. Didn't bring drugs as hospital were a bit useless in sorting out a certificate in time. But we took the chance as my period is a few days early. It shouldn't have started until next week. Likelihood is won't be able to start until tomorrow eve if we stay. Is that too late?? Otherwise have to wait until next period. But I know the delay will really upretty my husband. Probably more than me. I think I am a bit more pragmatic about it. Argh! Still stressful!

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  • Excuse the typos!

  • My clinic say the first day you actually wake up bleeding is day one so you should be fine xx

  • Thank you so much! I had read stuff. But didn't want to freak both of us out unnecessarily. X

  • Bloody periods. Why can't they just do as they're meant to?! We don't need more stress! Hope you get sorted. My clinic told me last time it was when period had started. Not spotting xx

  • Hurrah! Thanks so much. I just read that too x

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