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EC next week...come on follies!

Hi everyone, I haven't posted much about my journey so far but felt the need to write down my thoughts today as I'm so close now.

I had what was supposed to be my last stims scan this morning and it showed 10 follicles. There​ seem to be 5 prime candidates between 10mm & 13mm, one is steaming ahead so will be left to go over and the are a few newbies to play catch up. As you can tell the need a little more time to cook so I have another - hopefully last - scan on Monday morning. I'll be told if it's a Wednesday or Thursday collection after this. Can't help feeling a little disappointed the collection isn't on Monday as was originally hoped but I was really pleased to see my follicles progressing well.

These past few days have flown by, hoping the next few will too! So close now ❤️

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Hi SeniorPhipps. Just hang on to the fact that your follies are reacting, and should all hopefully soon catch up. It's not too long to wait for egg collection, then you can have a little well earned rest. Don't forget to drink lots of water after. Good luck with it all. Diane

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