Going crazy! 2ww panic stations!

Ahhhh! This 2ww is torture! I'm 5dp3dt ( is that the right way of putting it?)

I'm going nuts reading into every twinge, sore boobs and feeling faint symptom I have.

Took time off work to help me relax but it's not working! I've got no frosties just 2 low grade embryos put in 3days after collection.

Feeling so emotional and so scared it won't work! Got to wait another 8 days until OTD. Going nuts!!!

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  • I feel your pain, horrible isn't it?! I was going crazy symptom checking I have the constant feeling AF is going to arrive and the odd really painful cramp but that's it. Testing on Saturday but still feels so long away. Sending you positive thoughts. Xx

  • Thanks xxx it's our first cycle and we want it so badly it's so hard. All I've been doing today is cry! Plus I don't have enough progesterone pessaries to get me to a week after OTD. Have emailed hospital but they keep misunderstanding the issue ahhhh!

    I was told if I get a negative to repeat the test 1 week later but I don't have enough pessaries to fill in that week. Stressing me out!

    How am I going to get through another 8 days of this? Ahhhhh

  • It's definitely challenging, I don't think a day has past when I've not burst into tears at my partner thinking its all over (hormones!) this is our third cycle so really desperate for this to work. Staying positive is hard but it does help. Fingers crossed! πŸ€ xx

  • I'm cracking up and I'm only 1 day past transfer!

    This is my second cycle and I remember it being hard but don't remember feeling this insane so early on lol!

    It's complete torture but I just keep trying to remind myself that whatever the outcome is its out of my hands now. So I'm just trying to relax, keep busy and treat myself well.

    Try keeping yourself as busy as possible. I know it doesn't help much but even just having other things to focus your attention over and help pass the time.

    Good luck! Xxx

  • I was cracking after the first week. The first one seemed to go quite quick and then pure crazy in the second which dragged.

    Hold on in there x

  • i had transfer on monday and every stomach cramp i worry or panic ofher half wont let me do anything went food shopping wasnt allowed to push trolley or put anything in it either. hes driving me mad tried changing bedding i only picked up a pillow and he took it all off me and told me to go sit down.

    although today ive work up with stomach ache so thats not guna help me not worry. x

  • Oh I know how frustrating it is.all I can do is wish u best of luck for a BFP xxx

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