How's everyone on 2ww feeling??

Well girls how is everyone In the 2ww feeling my test day is next Sunday I had 5dt blastocyst!! I'm feeling a little anxious but feeling good apart from a little tired I act had a nap today πŸ˜‚ I never ever do that every wee twinge I'm worried but think I'm just picking up on everything I'm eating my 3 Brazil nuts a day and my pineapple act finding that a little difficult lol its starting to turn me a little πŸ˜• anyways hope all you ladies are keeping ok and everything is going good 😍 #keepingyouinmyprayers

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  • Best of luck!! I'm on 2WW too - testing Sunday. Scary stuff but you have to remind yourself that what will be will be. Totally cliched I know but your body makes the choice without you. Holding thumbs for you xx

  • Yes I know I've been trying not to think abt it just keeping my head busy I just really pray this is our time hope everyone on their 2ww r feeling relaxed and ok xo

  • The annoying thing is that the more you try to put it out of your mind the more it just pops up! I've even contemplated early testing but I know I'm being naughty. Patience is truly a virtue! Well, we can all probably say that something IVF has taught us is the patience of a saint! We'll be ok whatever the outcome but maybe, just maybe our time has come. Keep smiling x

  • Yea I know what you mean I'm act just being really positive I'm already chatting to my tummy and talking to my oh like it has happend I don't know if im mad or not but I just keep asking my we emby to stick 😍 I'm going to try and not give in to early testing I know a lot of people do but I wouldn't believe it was real if I done it early so then I'd be testing every day πŸ˜‚ aww I pray it's our time xo

  • same pinch...i have also already started to chat with my little one...i m asking my little one to come soon...

  • I am waiting for my period to begin my frozen cycle so I will soon be on the 2ww. The first time round wasn't bad because I was working. This time round I will take time off because my job can be stressful and demanding. So it will be tortuous. However, I have downloaded some box sets ready. Lol.

    Please keep us up to date. Best wishes. xxxxx

  • Aww it's mad we always wish r periods not to come but when waiting treatment your wishing it to come πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ wishing you all the luck in the world 😍 I've took 3 weeks off I've all next week to go but then I might put a sick line in of I'm preg I just would feel safer not being in work till my first scan is over xo

  • My test day is today but I'm putting it off until tomz. If it's negative then I would prefer to stay at home watching NCIS with my partner then having to go into work. The 2ww has been ok.. I find The weeks went to slow and I keep analysing my body and what the symptoms could be??? Cramps, sore boobs, frequent toilet trips can't wait until tomz to take my test. X

  • al d best Care86.. i salute ur patience.

  • hi s tough time ...every single minute is a long time....mine test day is on next friday 09th september and i m so anxious about it al....we r in a same boat now n i pray our boats cross the river...

  • Well the days are slowly ticking along to my test day on Wednesday. Fortunately it's been going by quite quickly for me. I've not been working but have had one thing or other to look forward to each day, coffee (decaf of course) dates with friends, errands to run etc, so it has kept my mind off it. Have been pretty tired though, napping each day since about four days ago. Also breasts are quite tender. Other than that I'm feeling better than I have throughout this IVF cycle actually, so I'm just trying to enjoy it and not think about it. Like you all say, stressing won't change the outcome!

    Looking forward to reading all of the results in the next couple of weeks xxx

  • Aww that's good there si many of us in the same position atm today has dragged on for me prob cause I've just beenstuck in the house πŸ˜‚ I'm same napping through the day I never ever sleep during the day my boobs were really sore at the start but not as bad now nipples r sore to touch feeling little cramps in my tummy but I'm hoping that's a good thing being positive praying every day xo

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