10 question, anonymous survey. I would appreciate 5 - 10 minutes of anyone/everyones time!! Previously posted! Link in question! thank you!

Just in case there is anyone else willing to help me in a research project that I am working on for my access to university course, on the impact of public awareness on mental health of people undergoing fertility treatment. To basically see if increasing awareness helps improve the mental health and stress levels of people receiving fertility treatment. My plan is to design a survey aimed at ladies from all different backgrounds, age's and lifestyle, especially a range of people from extremely open to extremely private and everything in between as this will help with more accurate results. It will be anonymous in order to protect identities.

There is only 10 questions, its confidential and ANY help would be appreciated, thank you!!


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  • Done x

  • Wonderful, thank you!

  • I'm unsure of how to proceed on question 1? I'm 7 weeks + 4 but still on meds; do I answer yes or no?

  • Put yes haha. You've received the treatment, is more to make sure people use the right survey as I have two on. sorry for the confusion x

  • I filled it in and clicked next, it took me back to the beginning but with blank fields where my answers had been.. I hope it's worked! 🀞

  • It does that for some reason, the website didn't design that feature very well. That happened when I did a practice one also! the responses are coming through so I'm presuming its working haha. Thank you x

  • I've completed although when submitted it went back to the beginning of the survey. Does this mean it submitted? Xxx

  • Yeah its submitted its just the site badly designed that feature, it did the same tome when I tested it Thank you! xx

  • Done x

  • wonderful, thank you! x

  • Done! :)

  • Brill! thank you! x

  • Done for you xx

  • Lovely! Thank you! x

  • Done! X

  • Wonderful! thank you! x

  • Done! x

  • Thank you! x

  • Done 😊

  • Brill! Thank you! X

  • Done πŸ˜€xx

  • Thank you!! X

  • Done!

  • Thank you! X

  • Done x

  • Thank you! X

  • Done x

  • Thank you!! X

  • Done xoxo

  • Thank you!! X

  • All done xx

  • Thank you! X

  • Done x

  • Filled in last night.

    Think it's great that you are raising awareness of infertility.

    All the best with it.


  • Done. Really interesting project, best of luck with it! Xx

  • Done!!!

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