Future icsi mama?

Hi all, I'm new here. We have went through two rounds of fertility (icsi) treatments in the country where we used to live about year ago which unfortunately weren't successful. Our infertility is a male factor (low count and also motility adn morphology aren't great). And now we have been referral for a clinic in Londo and have our first appointment there in March which I can't wait, super excited to get this business started

I'm looking to talk with people in the same situation and support each other. I found the first two treatments extremely hard mentally and after doing a negative pregnancy tests my world just collapsed so I'm here to find any possible help and support that I can get when dealing with the up and downs of the treatment.

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  • Hey icsi_mama welcomeπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€this is a great place for support and advice. We have just started our 2nd round of Icsi so fingers crossed for us both xxx

  • Thank you vic77 😊 I read your earlier posts and it seems like you have been going through similar rollercoaster than most of us - the excitement, hope, uncertainly, disappointment, sadness that can't even be described...

    Fingers crossed for your 2nd cycle ! This is your year!

  • I hope this is the year for both of us xxxx

  • I'm hoping to start my third round of ICSI at the end of March/April. I certainly agree it's helpful to get all the support you can and this site is great for that. It's a really tough roller coaster of a journey and I've had some pretty awful lows after each BFN. Here's hoping it's 3rd time lucky for us both!

  • Hi Rosalietea, sorry to hear about your BFNs. It so hard everytime! So it looks that we might be doing our 3rd cycles about same time! So good luck for both of us!

  • Welcome icsi_mama....our fertility problems are the same, male factor we are just waiting for out appointment to get the treatment started. Hopefully we'll all have a good year xx

  • Hi Maria_k88, is this your first time in the treatments? Are you doing it in NHS or privately? Sorry all the questions :)

  • I am doing it in NHS... this will be our first treatment so i am so confused as i feel like I don't know what is all about, even if i read so much about it. Xxx

  • I felt the same, but trust me when you have had even your first appointment you start understanding more and lots of things people are writing for example here will start making sense to you. And just make a list of all the things you are confused, worried or you want to ask and make sure you tell/ask those in the clinic. It is just a odd situation, same time exciting and worrying so it easy to forget to ask things, so the list is helpful. And you can always ask here if you have questions X

  • Hi Hun,

    It's so hard isn't it. I had a bfn in November after first NHS cycle. I struggled with that plus stress at work and have been seeing a counsellor since the new year.

    Also started to do more me things like excercise or walk up the town with the hubbie instead of being stuck inside doing school work at weekends. I still do the work but make time for me and him too xxx

  • Hi allieb21, I'm sorry to hear about your bfn. I't emotionally so hard. I have been thinking about seeing a counsellor because I feel that I don't know how to handle with this situation and also it feels that after every bad news (own bfn, friends' pregnancy news etc) it gets harder and harder to deal with these emotions. I know it's quite personal question but did you talk to your GP or in infertility clinic about wanting to see a counsellor or did you just find someone by yourself?

  • Hi don't worry I don't mind you asking.

    Well the clinic has counsellors but we are at a satellite clinic so it be Skype and I rather face to face so I found my own who I'm funding myself. My plan is to see her until next cycle in April but also beyond if needed. It's a time I can be me and talk about all my concerns and stresses. It's bloody emotional but I feel better for it. X

  • Thanks for the reply! I know that the clinic where we will have our treatment has also a counsellor so might talk with the nurse/doctor about that when we go there in March.

  • Honestly take advantage of what ever you can as you know how hard a process it is and you need support every step of the way. I'm glad I see someone now.

    My only regret is telling some friends who I thought would be more understanding but turns out aren't but I've moved past that demon to focus on me, hubbie and a hopeful BFP x

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