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Egg donor in Czech republic?


Hi everyone!

Do you have experience with Praga Medica? They have very nice review and also price are very great.

Thank you

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I used Reprofit and would go to the Czech every time. I don't know the clinic you have mentioned but if there are any doubts about going abroad then I can genuinely say that I had a far better experience than the 2 clinic I looked at in the uk. Lots of luck with your journey. P.s it was lovely to be away from everything for a few days. X

Thank you a lot, we decide to go to Prague so I will let you know, how it looks like. We are flying next month. I´ll let you know :) Thank you

I had 4 rounds of ivf in UK, and one in Greece... Going abroad I have been so much happier... So all the best xx

Marta3 in reply to Jaky76

Thank you Jaky!

Marta3 in reply to Jaky76

How much did you pay in Greece?

£5100 for everything and all the eggs from that round, also with Donor sperm xx

Marta3 in reply to Jaky76

Thank you, we paid £4480 for everyhthing :) We choosed maximum package ;-)

A few friends of mine have been happy with Reprogenesis and Zlin (Czech Rep) and Invicta (Poland)

We head to Cyprus next month. Good luck Marta! x

Marta3 in reply to emu2016

I wish you goold luck too!

Unicorn888 in reply to Marta3

Did any of you have any success abroad? X

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