Bleeding loosing hope

Today my day 4 and I'm sporting again,I'm loosing hope and very disappointed feel like God really hate and no way this feel like my cycle how can I spot twice yesterday was the same thing yesterday ,I did everything I was told even injection time I have to be strong and do it all, how do I wait for another week when I can feel it not working out, how so I tell my husband,why I'm I cursed like this,

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  • It could be implantation bleeding, don't give up. When's your test date? X

  • 5th April,

  • Hang in until the 5th it's defo not over yet xx

  • Thank u so much,will try to be positive,it's hard too

  • I am also on the 2ww so I know how you feel x

  • Did u experience sporting twice how was it

  • No spotting for me I just feel like my period is coming all the time. Lots of woman have spotting think it's a good sign xx

  • Okay thank u

  • 5th April

  • Best of luck Hun!! Spotting not always a bad sign, sometimes a good sign xxx

  • My test date is also 5th of April and I have cramps and feel like I'm coming on my period constantly. Spotting is normal so don't worry and your certainly not cursed you can do everything right and still might not work like wise you have no reason why it won't work stay positive xxx

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