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Struggling to stay positive

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Hello, I'm new to this site, but after just taking another negative pregnancy test, I feel like I'm really starting to struggle. I've been ttc for nearly 2years and have been on Clomid and Ovitrelle for the last 4 months due to a lutual phase defect - and no luck. Some months I've hardly responded and others I've had too many dominant follicles. Feel like I don't have a grip on my fertility problems and am just taking all these meds in the small hope they will work. Feel like it's a bit of a guessing game and my fertility clinic are leaving me to it. I'm fit, healthy, 29, always had regular periods. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any advice would be greatly received. πŸ˜”

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Hiya! Welcome to the site! You will find loads of support here. I'm not sure I can offer you any medical advice, but I can definitely send you some moral support! I know how you feel. I don't feel like I have grip on the whole fertility issue either. I'm 33 and fit and healthy, with regular periods and lots of eggs and I still can't seem to get pregnant after over 3 years of trying. I'm just in my 2 week wait after a cycle of IVF. It all seems a bit random and unfair!

What I would advise is if you have questions and you feel unsupported you definitely should contact your clinic and ask for more help. Fertility treatment is a bit of a guessing game (just to see how your body will respond to drugs etc.) but make sure the clinic are as clear with you as possible. They should be giving you any information they can.

Good luck with it all and remember, none of this is your fault. You are not doing anything wrong. Much love and baby dust to you! xx


This is a lonely & frustrating journey so this forum is a godsend!! If u r feeling a bit left to your own devices I think u need to have a chat with your clinic to reassess where u r at & what their plans are for u.if u don't feel reassured it might be worth seeing if u can be referred elsewhere.goid luck xxx

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