2ww + Mother's Day = a bit mad!

Now I'm sorry this is a bit of a 2ww meltdown! I've stepped into the second week of the long wait, I test on Saturday, and feel that I'm going a bit mad! I've got a cold, pelvis pain, and apparently sleeping in not happening!! The enormity of what is happening has slapped me round the face, and I'm just terrified this won't work, it seems so far fetched to think I could get pregnant! Mother's Day doesn't help obviously, especially as a few of my friends are celebrating their first with their babies and their own mums, my mum passed away when I was 16, so I'm totally redundant today!!!! Sorry very woe is me πŸ˜‚ good luck to everyone, and hope you're all holding up! Xxxxxx

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  • Good luck and everything crossed...keep positive!

    Sorry to hear about your mum :-( please don't feel you're redundant...you're currently incubating what's hopefully your little miracle...and that's a very special job xx

  • Thank you, just the support really helps xxxx

  • Good luck to you, I'm in the 2ww and Otd is 31st, I have zero symptoms other than feeling really hacked off today!

    Sorry to hear about you mum 😒 Tough day for you all round. Sending lots of positive vibes your way and hopefully your mum is looking down and already protecting your little embie 😊Xx

  • Thank you so much ☺️ xxxxx

  • Sorry to hear your struggling, I too am finding this 2ww very difficult. Try to remain positive, fingers crossed for you πŸ€ sorry about your mum, today must be hard. Xx

  • It's a bloody hard time isn't it?! Thank you I will! Xxxx

  • I feel your pain, I have my egg collection tomorrow and also lost my Mum. I was just thinking at least its not Mother's Day on my 2ww. Sending good thoughts your way. Today is bound to feel rough but you'll get through it.

  • Thank you so much xx I'm not normally this emotional on Mother's Day, but I think this year the 2ww has sent me potty! Xxx

  • Second part of 2ww is the worst. Seems like its dragging so much more than the first week.

    I've also got ivf cold and keep sneezing. Hot flashes, cramps, mid afternoon naps but not sleeping well at night and horrifically moody. Oh the joys!

  • Just wanted to say I empathise with your situation completely - lost my mum 6 years ago and we did our ET yesterday and thought I might lose the plot completely today! Well done everyone for getting through the day and good luck to all x

  • Sending u hugs & wishing for your BFP next Saturday xxx

  • Thank you! Xx

  • Hi Aleelilook,

    Be kind to yourself. Mother's Day was going to be hard, but you sound very brave to me. Hold on in there! The 2WW is so hard, it is like some sort of psychological test. But rest assured, we all know how you feel! I'm coming to end of my 2WW and I just want it to be over!

    Best of luck to you and lots of baby dust! xx

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