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I know that this is a re occurring thread on here but this year I literally feel like all my friends are announcing pregnancis and sending baby scans. I've got a couple of friends that know what I'm going through and two of them have just announced their pregnancies to me separately and said that they are thinking of me and hoping that it is my turn next which is very nice and considerate of them but at the same time it hurts so much that i cant experience the journey with them.

I've stopped telling me bf now about new pregnanies beacause i dont want to add pressure because we are so close to treatment so just trying to deal with it on my lonesome. Just wanted to get it off my chest as I know many of you are going through exactly the same thing it's just hard not being able to have a close friend to talk to who i can share it with who truley understands the journey but at the same time I couldn't possibly wish this on a close friend so on my lonesome it is. Now ill get back to my friends and congratulate them on their good news and wish them the best for the next 6 months and pray that my turn is round the corner. Sending baby dust to all you lovely ladies xxx

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  • Sending hugs honey.infertility is a lonely road that's for sure😯thankfully we have each other on here to remind us we are not alone. .sending lots of love your way today xxxx

  • Thanks vic your always so lovely and supportive as is everyone on here and I'm so grateful for the support. Hope you are well I know your gearing up to visit some clinics soon so hope all goes well with the consultations xxx

  • Your not alone. It is a lonely road, people pretend they understand but they have no clue. I should have been due in 2 weeks so struggling a bit at the moment. And to top that off my best friend is being taken in on Monday to have her 2nd baby. So it's time to put a brave smiley face on but really inside my heart is aching. It's a soul destroying road. Sending you big hugs x

  • Hi weejacs I'm sorry to hear your loss I'm sure the next few weeks will be emotionally very hard, it's seems so unfair that we have to deal with the loss of a mc and then deal with it all again on the due date and i know that the due date will alwas stick in my head as a reminder each yr. Sending you back a big hug for Monday it's never easy having to confront the news of a new delivery, fingers crossed for our time to come soon xxx

  • Infertility sucks hunny, but we all understand, your turn is definitely round the corner, keep believing β€πŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • Thanks lesno I think you've just summed it up some days are going to suck but we have to keep the faith and be patient xxxx

  • It's heartbreaking I agree. I went through a time when all my friends were announcing pregnancies, they just popped out of nowhere. Followed by colleagues. Now I'm looking at posts of teenagers and even adults from relieved parents that their journey has reached this mature point and mine has barely started! My best friend is vehement about never wanting another baby, rolls her eyes even if anyone mentions it.. it's very lonely in this world. But I've detached myself out of it, built a wall around me that separates my emotions and life from the rest. I nurture my own ups and downs, and concentrate on my own journey. There seems very little point in comparing my life to others - I always come out short! It's not easy, its like others have said, this forum is what keeps us going, and embracing the hope and faith that our time will come. It will to you too. In the meanwhile.. be good to yourself, look for things that give you pleasure and know in your heart that things will change xoxo

  • Thank you nesfin I think it's all too easy to get carried away with all the emotions sometimes and it helps to be reminded to be good and kind to yourself. I think I'm definitely going to have to create a wall in the coming months to help deal with all the pregancy situations and keep in the back of my mind that our time will come xxx

  • I had the same thing with 2 of my close friends both announcing within a month of each other when we were all trying!! It is tough but somehow we smile and we keep going becos what else can we do? Sending u big hugs xx

  • I totally understand this. I have a group of friends that I work with, there's 4 of us, I came off the pill first, one has had her baby who is nearly 1, one fell pregnant with twins but tragically lost them quite far along, and the other is ready to pop any day and doesn't really understand what others go through. I've had the share a small office with her every day and it has broken my heart. I'd never wish this on anyone but I wish people could just see what we have to go through. My friend that lost the twins and I have tried to be strong for each other in our heart break, what she had to go through was so awful I try to be strong because if she can come out fighting, then so must I, she's inspiring. The most we can do is give this a bloody good go and hope for the best I guess. I might be build a wall and a Fort around me to cope πŸ™Š xx

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