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Natural day 6 hatch blast (bleeding early)

Hi I had a natural embryo transfer on the 17th march (day 6 hatched blast ) and my pregnancy test is not till the 30th . Am on day 8 post transfer and I've started to bleed my period would be due today could I still get a positive result as my test not for anougher 5 days please any advice would be great

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Hi Jennifer im sorry I dont have an answer for your question as i am not familiar with natural cycles but I am hoping that everything is ok for you.

Is it a heady bleed or could it be implantation?



I would be due on my monthly period today it's light at the moment , becouse am not on meds I'm not sure what should happen x


I would give your clinic a call and see if they can advise.

Hoping for some good news for you xx


Am not sure if I should have implantation 8 days after transfer x


Thankyou x

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Bit late for me to respond to your question but I hope all ok.some people do get a bit of bleeding but ur clinic can best advise. Xxx


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