Trying to conceive with my fiancé, fell pregnant in early Jan 2017, but miscarried at just over 7 weeks.

We're taking some time before trying again, as need to be physically and emotionally ready. Trying to lose a little bit of weight before then, as I feel it may be beneficial for a healthy pregnancy.

The hardest thing for me right now is taking my only child to school and seeing other Mums with newborns. We hadn't told anyone (other than our parents) about the pregnancy, so having to smile when you feel like you want to cry is difficult for me at the moment.

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  • Big hugs to you and your family...it's also OK to cry, you don't have to explain your self to anyone xx

  • Oh Gadetgirl! Be kind to yourself! It is completely natural to feel that way! Big hugs to you xx

  • I'm so sorry to read this, I've been through a miscarriage myself and it's so hard and it takes time to accept it. Be kind to yourself, don't even try to justify anything to anyone, let yourself grieve and in time things will get easier. Before that just let it wash over you. Thinking of you xoxo

  • Hi GadgetGirl80. There is no easy answer to this, you feel how you feel, and following a miscarriage is just a dreadful feeling - just hope you got good support at the time. I'm sure you already are, but just concentrate on your child you have now, until you are ready to try again. Maybe you could get someone to pick him/her up occasionally - or drop him/her off for you - to lessen the distress you suffer. Perhaps you could have a close friend round for coffee and talk about how you feel at the moment - sometimes helps. See if you feel like going to a slimming club with a friend, as you want to lose a bit of weight before trying again. A bit of different company may give you a boost. Don't know what else to say, as it is still so recent, but I really do hope you soon feel better about what has happened and are able to cope too. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I suffered a missed miscarriage I know what you're going through 1 in 4 end in miscarriage only miscarried on Saturday but doctor told me to try as soon as I'm ready I'm 38 so time ticking I have a beautiful daughter who's nearly 4 and ATM crying every time I see a pregnant woman

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