Day 3-5

Hi all...I hope these BFPs keep coming!!

Just had our day 3 call and we've still got 8 embryos that have divided. She said they're doing well and 8 was a good number. They want to continue to Day 5. I was excited until I read that it's down to the sperm now and because we've got male factor problems I'm worried we won't have any left by Thursday. Anyone had this and been successful?



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  • That's great. Hope all goes well, just remain positive

  • Woop sounds really positive!! 8 is a great number to take to day 5! I wouldn't worry about the male factor issue, if that was likely to cause a problem they wouldn't recommend to take to day 5. It is always a bit of a gamble but with 8 potential ones you've got the odds on your side. Also - if they don't make it to day 5 they'd be less likely to make it if transferred at day 3, so this way you know they'll select the strongest looking one to go back on Thurs! :D wishing you lots of luck! xx

  • that's a great number so concentrate on the positives. I know many of us just can't help but fear the worst sometimes but the medical professionals know what they're doing and your little embies are being looked after. Sending lots of good wishes your way. Xx

  • Thank you for the positive comments! Made me feel better! X

  • Hey. At day 3 I had 8 as well. By day 5 they transferred the best and took the remaining 7 to day 6 where they then froze 4. I actually didn't realise that after day 3 it's up to the sperm. Our issue is also male factor. Don't worry that's a good number to have. Good luck πŸ€ xxxx

  • All sounds good so far! Best of luck Hun xxx

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