Egg collection today

I feel so anxious the last scan only showed 3 top runners I'm preying some of the others have caught up.

Also first time having any sort of procedure and I'm terrified white coat syndrome.

I think I've been fairly level headed throughout this whole procedure but the nerves are now really kicking in, not to mention I feel like a huge dairy cow sore boobs and aching stomach hoping today's abdo pain is all normal. Anyway I needed the rant I hop you guys are all ok today and your journeys are going to plan xxxlucy

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  • Good luck and try not to worry xxx

  • Thankyou I'm a wimp with anything like this I'll be glad when it's done xx

  • Good luck! Try not to worry, like you I got myself all worked up and it was absolutely fine. It's over before you know it xxx

  • Good luck! Youll be fine...I had mine last week and if you're anything like me, you'll wake up wondering when they're going to start!


  • Good luck, hope it all goes fine, well done for being so level headed! Take care xxx

  • Lots can happen in this short time. Lots of luck xx

  • Thankyou everyone just sat in the waiting area to be called in. I hope I have some eggs there fingers crossed xx

  • Good luck today and hoping you get some lovely mature eggs, dont worry or stress, your in good hands xx

  • Thankyou everyone, so that's a bit pinchy hey! All good now though I'm home relaxing. They got 12 eggs but they said some of them were immature so we'll wait on tomorrow's call xx

  • Hope it all went well Hun xxx

  • Thank you 4 good ones so we're hanging on until Saturday for transfer. I feel slightly disappointed I was hoping for more I just hope those 4 hang on in there xx

  • 4's not so bad! Hope they r all little fighters and hang on in there for Saturday!! Best of luck xxx

  • That's good you have four good ones. I have just had my egg collection and had 11 eggs. Fingers crossed a lot of them are good ones and I make it to Sunday for egg transfer xxx

  • Fingers crossed are you waiting for the call tomorrow? Xxx

  • Yup I will get called tomorrow. How are you feeling? Still in pain? I'm feeling pretty crampy and sleepy. Going to have tomorrow off work and then prob back to work on thurs. Have you got this week off? Xx

  • Yeah I was surprised how much pain I was in after the procedure I'm still sore today so taking the rest of the week off (holiday) I'm then going to sign myself off all of next week then see if the GP will sign me off for the last week. Are you taking the 2ww off? Xx

  • No I think I am going to go back to work for the 2ww. I'm not v good at doing nothing! And my job is fairly desk based. I have to take fragmin injections from tomorrow every eve at 7pm so will be house bound in the evenings. Are you taking Fragmin?xx

  • No im not I've got the lovely progesterone suppositories though lol! So we will be in the 2ww together let me know how you get on tomorrow hopefully you will have lots of healthy embryos xx

  • Haha I have to do those as well and aspirin and another drug! Glad we are in it together xx

  • Hi Oliverl, I have 6 good ones which fairly pleased about. Apparently mine are having assisting hatching on Friday and then maybe will have transfer on Friday. How are you feeling? I'm so sore today and now feeling really bloated xx

  • I got admitted to hospital today with OHSS which is a bummer pain never went after egg Collection and stomach looks like a balloon I'm preying it won't effect transfer but not holding my breath so glad you got 6 xxx

  • Poor you, so sorry to hear that. Are you still in Hospital or have you been discharged? Wishing you a speedy recovery xxx

  • Still here unfortunately I'm not sure what the point in me staying in is as I'm not having anything done. I think I just need to have a scan tomorrow to see what my ovaries are doing. Hopefully they can get some advice of my consultant as reproductive medicine is a bit of an individual nece (spelt wrong lol) so I'm hoping she'll advise I can go home xx

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