Egg collection done

Hi ladies so I had my egg collection this morning, feeling a little light headed but am ok.

The whole procedure was done quickly and it was slightly painful but ok. I survived!! So I am actually feeling little low as we only had 3 eggs retrieved .

Of these 3 two are border line mature and 1 is immature. If all goes well transfer will be on Monday. Has anyone had the same results?

Just feeling a little low and feel like the odds are against us.

Thanks xxx

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  • Hiya I only got 5 don't know anything about them yet

    I didn't feel a thing or remember anything I only remember waking up talking about perfume lol

    The embryologist came to see me and said if we only get one fertilise it will be transfer Sunday if more than 1 we are going for a 5 day.

    Don't feel low remember we only need one x

  • Thank you Natalie, just feel a little low but like you aid it only takes one. Will be expecting a call tomorrow. I'm at home now resting. I think towards the end of the collection the medication started wearing off! But I was calm throughout. Let's see what happens. Hope your feeling ok xx

  • How are you feeling now I thought I was feeling ok but iv had tingling hands and the worst headache ever since getting home x

  • I was fine after I left hr hospital but since I been back iv thrown up twice and just feeling really tired! I think I will be ok after a good night's sleep. Hope you feel betterr. In trying to drink liquids but just don't feel like eating or drinking anything xx

  • I feel abit better after eating you should try eating something x

  • Thank you Natalie, I did eat something but am going to have an early night :) hope you have good news tomorrow! Will keep you updated xx

  • Thank you and good luck for your call as well x

  • I just don't remember the name, but just few days ago , in this forum somebody had posted that she got just 2 eggs, n both fertilized...nw c s on 2ww.. I m sure u wil b in 2ww soon...wish u lots of baby dust....

  • Glad EC went well. Easier said then done I'm sure but you must remain positive!

  • Fingers crossed for good news over the weekend, put your feet up for now and try the very best you can not to worry too much x x x

  • Thanks all. I've read online that immature eggs do not fertilise.

    This means were already down to two, possibly zero if the others were borderline.

    The thing is we wouldn't even know this unless my husband asked. The embryologist was wrapping up the meeting before he asked.


  • Good luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Hi Hun I had my EC on Wednesday and my transfer today, this was because I only had 2 fertilise, out of 4 retrieved. It was a shock to me too as we got double the amount last time, and 3 good quality 5day blasto's. It threw me how different each cycle can be and like you I felt surprisingly sad and almost like it was all over already.

    Anyway I feel much better today so hope you do too, my transfer went well and our 2 embies were doing well and are 4 cell at day 2.

    As I keep reminding myself it only takes one (although if another person says it I might scream!) and after some (probably ill advised!) googling it seems there's lots of women out there who had success with lower quality embryos or earlier transfers.

    I hope everything goes really well for you in the coming days and you have a couple of little fighters there xx

  • Thank you so much for taking time out to reply. I feel a little better now and there isn't much that I can do apart from wait for the phone call! Hope and pray that one makes it. And yes like you said it only takes one lol. My husband and I have been reading that everywhere lol but it is true! Just have to wait and see what happens. good luck for your 2ww!! Hoping you get some good news x

  • I know, it's so hard but it's certainly taught me patience that's for sure 😬 Glad you're feeling a little better and everything crossed that they make it. Thanks for your wishes xx

  • Good luck Hun. Try not be despondent (easy to say!)! Hope all is ok and you get a good embryo xxx

  • Thank you xx

  • I only had 2 eggs collected last week and felt really down after EC. I was gobsmacked that they both fertilised. They are now both back inside me and hopefully doing what little embryos should do.

    Good luck. X

  • Thank you xx

  • We are kind of in the same position mantaray, fingers crossed for us both πŸ™πŸ» How are you feeling? Xx

  • Thanks Georgina, how many did you have retrievedd? I hope yours may it to! I feel so nervous. I would be so happy if two fertlise and they put them back in. But as I wanted to freeze eggs I doubt that will happen now. Gosh I dislike this journey!!! I was feeling positive up until egg collection. I had big follicles and don't know why I didn't retrrieve at least 4 x

  • They retrieved 4 but only 2 fertilised and both have been transferred. It's so hard isn't it, I was also pretty chilled & positive until EC. They said I had 10 on one side on one of my pre-EC scans then only end up with 4 😳It's very random it would appear.

    Have you heard how yours are doing or will it be Monday? Good luck πŸ™πŸ»X

  • It's so horrible. I was half awake and half asleep when I heard 3. I think it may have been something to do with the trigger shot? I heard one of the nurses say that the same happened to another lady and she only got 2. Iv no idea though. So they called me and said out of the 3 only 1 fertilised. One was abnormally fertilised and one was imature. So I have transfer on Mondayy. I really wanted some to freeze or at least 2 to transfer. But I guess il have to wait and see how it progresses and it it attaches. So many hurdles! X

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