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Hi, I've been reading around the site for a few months now and thought it time I said hello. My husband and I have been ttc for almost 2 years so yesterday I had a laparoscopy to investigate. I had one tube removed because of hydrosalphinx but apparently the other didn't look great either. Thank fully both ovaries looked good. Consultant suggested that we now look to proceed with ivf as there is an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy in my one tube.I just wondered how long people's journeys have taken from this point. Also any advice on pain relief would be gratefully received as paracetamol isn't doing much and i cant take ibuprofen because of my asthma. Thank you

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hi and welcome. I think it generally depends what area you live in. We had our first consultant appt about this time last year and started treatment last month. It was delayed for a few months however because I had to get by weight down. BMI has to be below 30. Hope this helps and good luck with everything xx


Hey, i am the same i joined the site before my first ivf and havent really contributed much but it does help reading posts from people with the same problems.

I had a hycosy test to check tubes and had a blockage in my left, I was on the ivf waiting list at that time. They managed to clear it and i thought great that will be me but sadly not.

Waiting times where I am in Glasgow is around 12 months which is not too bad but like all aspects of this process nothing ever happens quick enough.

Wishing you and your hubby lots of success xx


Welcome to the site!! I can't advise as wasn't eligible but wanted to wish u luck xxx


Thank you. I think you may be right about the wait. Consultant seemed pretty confident that things would move quite quickly but rang today with follow up appointment from lap for the middle of may. Well we've waited 2 years already so I guess we can only continue to be patient and keep everything crossed xx


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