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So some of you know I had my D&C last Thursday after a mmc at 7 weeks, I have good moments and bad, and I'm hoping the good will soon start to outweigh the bad. Now I'm wondering what I could have done differently! Has anyone followed it starts with the egg? I started bleeding about a week after my d&c so still trying to get back to normal, but was thinking should I start focusing on preparing my body, or give myself a break?!!! This will be our 3rd round, and first we are paying for, and after the miscarriage I'm just desperate for this to work (obviously!)

Any advice much appreciated!


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Im so sorry this cycle didn't work for you. Unfortunately I can't offer any useful advice as still waiting for my first round and I'm sure you know much more than I do but I hope for you that it's third time lucky 🍀😘 xxx


Ah you'll be fine! I'm not going to lie to you it is intense, however once you're in it you'll take it in your stride! The 2ww is definitely the hardest bit. I would suggest trying to relax, obviously eat well etc. But don't go insane if you treat yourself to some cake or a glass of wine! You've got quite some time yet so enjoy being a normal human for a bit longer! I had acupuncture with this round and that ended up with my bfp, just think it was bad luck this time (literally horrific luck!) I saw him once a week, and I'm seeing him now. I also took time off work during the 2ww and saw a fertility counsellor, but I'm a bit nuts anyway so you might not feel that's necessary. Most important thing is eat well, drink lots of water, and try to relax xxxx think maybe I need to take my own advice 😂😂😂 xxxx


Firstly so sorry you are going through this, there are literally no words to begin to explain the feelings right now. It's important to remember every one is different. There is no right and wrong of how you move forward. I have read starts with the egg , and I do take most of what she recommended. However the bpa plastic thing just stressed me out so stuck to just the supplements!!! Personally I took a bit of time to get ready emotionally. After our 2nd d&c my body took a bit of a knock as well. If you want to pm me to discuss anything or just chat feel free. Big hugs. Xx


Ah thank you so much, yeah some of it is rather intense! I am back on pregncare pre conception, but I think I'll go the whole hog! Xx


You did get pregnant last time, so obviously whatever you were doing then was good. Miscarriage is horribly common even with natural pregnancies. I wish you all the luck in the world when it comes to the next pregnancy. My only natural pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I followed some of the advice from the book this time (currently in 2ww) but my clinic didn't think dhea was a good idea so the only extra supplement I took was ubiquinol. I bought rainbow light vitamins as recommended by the book too. And I'm trying to eat more organic but can't get everything organic that I want (and it works out really expensive). I'm also avoiding chemicals.... good excuse to make hubbie do the cleaning!

It does make you feel like you're doing everything you can at least.


Thank you lovely, wishing you so much luck at this moment xxxxx


Hello! Lovely to hear from you. I am having my fet tomorrow and have tried to vary things and keep a diary for when or if I have a 3rd go. I appreciate you went through such a journey so I just had a bfn. Not 'Just' but you know what I mean. My friend who mc the first time and has had bleeding and stomach ache since getting a bfp on her third round has found the change in clinic (first 2 were nhs) a big factor. She has been more carefully monitored and has taken it easy. She was diagnosed with the killer cell thing (not the right wording) so has been on steroids. So far I have persuaded hubby to have sex this morning.... he doesn't know it's part of my experiment... Just had a massage rightly or wrongly. So like i say i am looking for my own variables. I hope you are okay and I am sure we will both get there in the end. Big love. X


Ah thank you, and good luck with the FET! We are staying with our clinic as it's private that takes some NHS patients, and they're so nice and supportive, so 🤞🏻 fingers crossed! The diary is a good idea, I think I'll pop down everything I changed before and what else I can do to improve things. But this weekend I'm going to drink some wine before I feel guilty!! Xxx

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