Any evidence to suggest giving up alcohol increases chances of conceiving?

I'm really upset right now as I've decided to give up alcohol whilst we try to conceive but my husband won't give it up. We don't drink a lot anyway!! Maybe a bottle of wine between us on a Sunday but we do binge drink when we go out with friends (about once every 2 weeks) has anyone else tried giving up alcohol and is it worth picking a fight with the hubby about? 😞

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  • This is just my personal opinion but from what I've read sharing a bottle of wine once a week isn't a big deal but the binge drinking could be.

    My DH has given up the big nights out but is still having the odd beer at the weekend. I spoke to a doctor friend about it and she was very relaxed that would be ok. The other thing to remember is that the sperm are made 3 months in advance.

  • I was in exactly the same position. I felt I was doing so much to help us conceive - stopped alcohol, caffeine, joined slimming world, gym and OH was doing nothing. And all that was even before treatment started. It may be worth just gently telling him how you feel. At the end of the day it's only a short term sacrifice for hopefully a long term gain. Good luck xx

  • I've just been reading some scientific journal articles on alcohol consumption and male fertility. One said that more than 5 units a week significantly reduced fertility. In fact from what I read it has much more of an effect on male fertility than female!

    Half a bottle of wine a week is more than the 5 units, and binge drinking every other week is likely to be affecting his fertility.

    Would he be willing to compromise and not give up completely but stick to a much lower level?

  • We both stopped as that was the advice of our consultant. It sadly didn't seem to make any difference to hubby's swimmers, we still required ICSI each time. When we talked about it I said I didn't mind if he had a few beers when out with friends as long as he didn't go mad but he stuck with non alcoholic drinks. As his dad had died at the beginning of our 1st round from liver damage from years of alcoholism he gave that as the reason for not drinking. During rounds 2 & 3 he told a select few friends/family but by then everyone had accepted he wasn't drinking. My thinking was we couldn't control much about the fertility issues but we could stop drinking alcohol (not that we drank that much) and eat healthily (again our diet was pretty good). I also pointed out that I was having to take lots of drugs as part of the process.

    You could give an excuse (losing weight, health kick, lack of funds to go out etc) to your friends. There are quite a few decent tasting alcohol free or alcohol reduced lagers, cider, wine etc available. We tried quite a few and I still drink some of them now.

  • The question of alcohol was a constant thought for me. My husband hates to be 'controlled ' so after 10 years I know which fights to pick. He fathered 2 children in his early 20s with the assistance of lots of booze.... anyway he had a vesectomy 26 years ago so his part was important for the sperm retrieval (tese) as I don't have any known fertility issues. I cut down but still had 1 to 2 small glasses of red and he kept to his normal 2 to 3 pints. We ended up with 17 mature eggs, lots of sperm and 14 fertlised. My friends who cut it out completely for 3 months had 10 eggs, 6 fertilised and a grade b and c embryo at day 5. I just think there are too many variables and you should do what you feel suits you. Lots of luck xx

  • You still need to live and have some enjoyment during this time and you said you don't drink a lot so don't worry there is enough to worry about as it is x

  • I've given up alcohol for the last 6 months firstly because I couldn't bear the thought of getting drunk and getting drunk crying and secondly because I want to give my body the best possible change i have a low egg reserve which has caused our infertility so I feel it's me that needs to make the changes . My bf on the other hand is quite a big drinker and I know he would be very down if I asked him to cut it out and I think that the ivf journey is stressful enough without me putting extra pressure on him telling my bf what he should/shouldn't be doing. I also know that for my bf drinking helps him relax and unwind xxx

  • We both gave up alcohol 3 months before cycle one but got a negative. I've now gotten pregnant naturally but had both given up alcohol since January in readiness for cycle 2 in April! He was quite happy too. He also gave up protein shakes last time after being on them for years and years!

    Who knows? Our clinic said odd drinks are fine but we just decided to go t-total anyway xxx

  • Had exactly the same issue with my hubby! You feel like you are doing everything and the least they can do is give up booze! He did cut down but still had the odd one and even though he probably didn't have many, it still upset me. I didn't manage talk him out of long distance cycling either (he argued Bradley Wiggins has 5 kids!). He did however avoid hot baths - small victories I suppose!

    Try talking to him without getting upset or angry and explain why you think it's best he eases off the booze, maybe he'll listen. Ultimately, the stress isn't worth it and if it's easier to keep the peace then live and let live!!

  • Unfortunately I don't think men ever take this as seriously as we do. The shared wine at weekend should be fine, the binge drinking not so much! My Greek clinic even told me to go have a glass of wine a few days b4 collection to relax me-he said it would make no difference as how the eggs were and how my partners sperm was would be affected by our last 75 days of diet/drink etc and clearly we had had a drink in this time!! If u can find a way to talk him out of the big nites's not 4ever. Good luck xxx

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