well yet another update!!!

as i have written previously my surro mom made her hcg test and it showed 674 on that day. Now i have received her first us results (6 weeks) and you know what? I am a future mother of twins! by some miracle 2 embryos stuck and the surro will be having twins!!!! I can't believe it!

PS it means that my surrogacy journey might end up earlier than I was expecting. I am so happy! Another update will be when I get to know their gender. 2 boys? 2 girls? a boy and a girl? What do you think? ahah for me it does not matter at all right now. I am very happy!


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  • Hi bethany2. Well done to you and your surrogate! Maybe have a surprise and not know the sexes - how exciting for you - I'm so pleased. Fingers crossed for the rest of the pregnancy and a successful delivery. Thinking of you all. Diane

  • maybe i will keep it as a secret, the sexes of my kids! MY KIDS!!!!!!!!! oh i am sorry I am just so happy! i am not even a fan of those color codes sexes and their names will pop up in my head the moment i see them, I am sure!!

    thank you for everything!!! I begin to tear up even. Hopefully will keep updating


  • Hi bethany2. And why not keep the sexes a secret! You deserve to be so excited! Do let me know how it all goes if you can. Diane

  • I am sorry we were celebrating a lot with my hubby these days! we haven't received anything from our surrogate mother at all, we are waiting to see her. I am sorry this is all so new for me, you know. my manager was sending me lots of great messages in response to all of my worries, she actually is very nice and she said the same, that maybe it is better to keep the gender of my baby as a secret. but how can I wait? haha

    although this is easier to do if you are going internationally as to come to Ukraine it's going to take me up to 1 week (all of the preparations and stuff) haha

    thank you for your attention and kindness! i am going to leave here some updates!


  • Hi bethany2. I look forward to reading them. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you. Well, I will be making some posts soon, I feel very great will all of your support honestly!

    thank you a lot xxxx

  • Wow!! Congratulations two of them.

    Wishing your surrogate a happy healthy pregnancy


  • thank you i really was not expecting that and I feel like i cannot be happier! for me this news seem like a miracle honestly

    i haven't even thought that it can be twins!

    thank you again

    wishing you the best also!!


    ps i definitely need to gift her something great. I was thinking about all of those small things that are perfectly fine to give your surrogate but for now maybe it is better to give her a neckless or something of this sort??

  • Congratulations! well yet another woman who has managed to make her dreams come true! Well, almost but I am sure there won't be anything that could spoil your happiness! well done and keep going!

    good luck!

  • Thank you so much! I guess great news eventually kept me off the forum because I haven't even noticed that i was absent for the whole week!! oh my god! can you imagine this? But still my happiness spreads on all of you and I really hope that my post has made you just a bit happier! just for a second!

    Thank you!

    and good luck to you!


  • I am very happy too as I have recently found out about my pregnancy!!!! Ha!

  • WHAT?? I can't believe this! Pregnant? when did you find out?

  • wow thats brilliant congratulations!! such good news! im really happy for you. xxxx


    I feel so great! I hope that you are also doing fine!! How are you???


  • yeah im doing good thank you feeling positive :D xxx

  • oh! that's great! :)

    keep on going!!


  • Congratulations xxx

  • Thank you! <3

  • Congratulations!!! Amazing news!!! Can't wait for the next update!!! x x x

  • Me too! :) Hope you also are doing fine!!!

    next update is going to be on Friday, next friday! I am very and very happy as you can see haha


  • Amazing new πŸ˜ƒ Xxx

  • Thank you

    i hope that i made your day just a little bit brighter with my news!


  • Amazing news

  • Thank you!

  • That's amazing news congratulations to you mummy of twins!!! All the best for the remainder of the pregnancy and can't wait for updates xxx

  • Thank you o much! I am really happy and can you imagine my surprise when I got this news??? my manager was so happy talking to me, we were exchanging a lot of kind words and I am still keeping her messages to me and rereading them as well as all of your commentary!!

    Oh, I will be updating haha!


    How are you?

  • i bet you were over the moon hunni, i know i would be haha. its like a dream come true.

    Im ok thank you, this 2ww is driving me mad im just hoping one of my 2 embies have stuck xxxxx

  • oh my got 2ww???? really??? this is great! Amazing. I wish you all the best honestly? It was your ivf cycle?

    2 embies too? welcome to our twins club :)

  • My test day isnt until thursday, but im just hoping that at least ONE of my embies have stuck. xx

  • oh I see, well, I wish both of your embies stuck!!!!!! This will be incredible! But one also would be great!!!

    fertility vibes and stuff haha


  • thank you very much xxx

  • Lots of love xxx

  • Congratulations and welcome to the twins club! You should join TAMBA if you haven't already, lots of good advice and discounts for twin parents.

  • Can you give me a link? I would love to!

    ha ha thank you! so we are buddies? xx

  • Www.tamba.org.uk

    congratulations again twin mummy buddy!

  • Thank you thank you!I will visit it hah

  • Wishing your surrogate mum the very best with the pregnancy. What exciting times ahead! X

  • Thank you very much it is so kind of you to leave such a sweet comment here! xxx

    oh, I am reading all kinds of literature that might help me to prepare for all of that motherhood before me haha

  • Wow!!!


    Take care of yourself!

    May your surrogate's pregnancy go well!


  • Thank you all. Your wishes will definitely come true as I believe in it wholeheartedly!

    I think she is doing well, but I am a little bit sad that I cannot meet her just yet..

    Anyways, how are you doing? :)

  • That's wonderful wonderful news... wishing you all the very best. Exciting times ahead for sure.

  • Yes!!! thank you! I wish you the same!

    I am in a preparation mode right now, my manager gives me advice and recommendations on what to do. I guess there is a lot of stuff to accomplish before you can take you baby or babies with you home. which is sad but I knew about it before we have signed the contract. anyways, there will be some low points I think, like inability to take you baby home with you right away, but we will find strength to overcome everything that is on our way to the happy future!!!


  • thank you a lot! I am very grateful for your words as I feel really proud not only of myself but also of my husband and my manager, and the staff at my clinic. I feel like we all did a great job and I am thankful to you for reminding me it.

    How are you doing? How is or are your babies?

    lot os love!!!

  • you seem to be very satisfied with your clinic...but you have told that you went internationally, is that right?

    I am just looking for an option for myself but cannot make up my mind as I have a lot of prejudices towards fertility clinics in other countries. I don't even know if it is legal..

    But you say that your manager and the clinic are great...

  • what do you mean by "I don't even know if it is legal"?? Of course it is legal, I mean it is even very legal as all of the ivf and surrogacy programs depend on the law system of the country so it is basically very controlled by the government and maybe you have heard now there are lots of cases where some countries just close surrogacy and all of the agencies too. so I bet there are no countries where such a thing would be illegal because surrogacy is covered a lot by foreign media and there is nowhere to hide.

  • because it was only a week ago when I found out about my infertility and in one second all of the info started coming out of nowhere I didn't even know about all of those fertility clinics and stuff thus it makes me scared a lot sorry

  • Oh really? I am so sorry as I have been leaving with my infertility for a while now I cannot imagine what you feel right now but I experienced those feelings. but as we all know pain is very forgettable.

    don't be scared, really don't be. there is nothing to be afraid about. it is just a fertility clinic but in another country.

  • really? so it is a common thing apparently? is there a lot of people who go internationally?

  • Yes it is. there are a lot of people who for some reasons go abroad, who may be have no other possibility to have kids rather than in a clinic abroad, especially if we talk about surrogacy...

  • for me that reason is money

    I don't know if it justifies my desire to go abroad..

  • thank you for replying

    i just think that it is very hard to have a baby from surrogate mother in a different country...

  • but it will be even more expensive than it is in US?

  • Why do you think so? Actually US is the most expensive country for fertility treatment in the world. They are really qualified but on the other hand they charge a lot.

  • I know about US and their prices as I am from US that's why I am trying to find the clinic abroad as I have heard that there are some more than affordable options.

  • A boy??? This is amazing, happy for you!

    I won't be asking to reveal their gender, my manager will be sending me all of the scans but without the gender of my kids so I feel surprised and even more happy!!!

  • You know if you have a name or two in your mind you can stick to them but this would be a lot better if you leave choosing the names on the day when they are born!!!

    When are you having your next us scan?


    This is great news!


  • Yes, you are right. I am thinking though about Edward. I think this name is beautiful. Or for a girl I am going to choose the name Kosani. She has to be extraordinary and bright!



  • Congrats!!!! xxxxxxx

    I also had some great updates!! My surrogate mother is on the 7th month of pregnancy!

    I can understand how you feel and even the extent of your happiness!!!

    My SM is pregnant with one baby, obviously we do not know his gender yet, but on the 12 week I am sure the drs will be able to tell who it is - a boy or a girl (I am praying for a girl!!!)

  • Well, I have to congratulate you as well! haha

    How are you doing? Was it also an egg donation surrogacy? Or maybe you were luckier?

    7th month that's a lot!


    PS I am praying for a boy and a girl haha

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