piriformis syndrome/sciatica 😬

Hi I haven't posted for a while, currently in limbo after BFP, visited clinic last week where they put me on a longer course of steroids, nervously waiting for 1st scan next week and midwife app week after. 🤞🏻

Last week I've seemed to developed a pain literally in the arse!! It's a deep shooting pain that comes and goes, been referred to physio and today she diagnosed piriformis syndrome & gave me exercises to do. She also warned that it could get worse as the pregnancy goes on.

Has anyone else had this so early on in pregnancy? I'm currently 6w5d xx

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  • I didn't know what it was so I had to look it up expectantmothersguide.com/a...

    It goes on to suggest that massage from a prenatal massage therapist is good for relieving symptoms.

    Good luck with your scan next week. I hope all goes well 🍀 X

  • Thanks for the info Hun, how's it going with you? X

  • I'm ok. My back is playing me up and my boobs are hanging but cramping has eased off xx

  • Hi Lucky17. Oh you poor thing! This muscle is such a small one, but can be responsible for lots of pain. I'm sure your physiotherapist will show you lots of stretching exercises which should help. A couple of ladies that I had with it found swimming a huge help too, especially as they got bigger. Good luck and I hope you soon get some comfort. Diane

  • Thanks Diane, yeah she has shown me 5 exercises to do 3 times a day plus to get my partner to massage (can't complain at that lol) was thinking of taking up swimming again will look into that tomorrow x

  • Hi Lucky17. Oh, I'm so pleased to hear that, so hopefully you will soon get some benefit - and with the swimming once sorted. Thinking of you. Diane

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