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So...I am on the short protocol-150 Gonal F and 0.25 Cetrotide. Had my baseline scan last Tuesday and had 14 follies-7 each side. Been today for my scan to see how they're getting on and I have 10 follies between 12-16mm. Although I'm pleased that they're getting there I was a bit surprised that I only have 10 that are big enough. I thought the stimulating injection should help produce more? I kind of feel that the hospital have put me on a lower dose because on my younger age (29) with the thought that I can afford more time to have more treatment?

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Did anyone get less follies than on baseline scan?

Hope you're all keeping positive and doing well! 🌟


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Hi Sunbeam,

Yes absolutely... your follies don't all stimulate the same way and some don't respond.

Also some scanners are better than others. I had different scanners and some were one or two follies out each time.

Irrespective 10 is a great result and if they still stimulating, your other follies can develop.

Don't worry about it, your dose is not based on age but a combination of factors such as your AMH levels, number of follicles and how they expect you to respond.

They don't want to over stimulate you.

From your results so far, it all seems good so far!

Good luck!!

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Thank you for your reply! I think because I'm healthy and have normal levels it all felt a bit strange being on such a low dose and gentle protocol! Fingers crossed!

Good luck and love x


Hi Sunbeam123,

I was also on short protocol and low dose of gonal f (200) and centroride (0.25). I was 29 also when I went through my fresh cycle. No issues with me in regards to AMH etc.

I honestly can't remember what my baseline scan revealed but I remember it being not too much. I think 8 on one side and 7 on the other. My next scan I can't remember amounts but it revealed I was ready for trigger.

Anyway they got 19 eggs at retrieval and I was very surprised as wasn't expecting so many. I guess what I mean is try not to worry too much, it's definitely quality over quantity anyway but with the results your saying I definitely think your going to have a good number of eggs collected.

Good luck xxx

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Thank you ever so much for your reassurance...it's great to hear other people's experiences!

Fingers crossed...🤞🏻


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