When is your first scan?

Hi beauties...

After the stress of the 2WW and the roller coaster about the BFP, I'm now a bit worried about the first scan which will be on the 24th March. So I'll be around 7 weeks... I think.

When do you ladies have your first scan in the UK?

Have you seen the heartbeat at this early stage? I'm actually very scared, but trying not to think about it and to still be very positive.

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  • Hi Krikri Congratulations on your BFP!! I'm due for my 1st scan at the clinic w/c 20th, so just over 7 weeks, can't wait!! They are looking for a sac and a heartbeat and I'm just as worried as you, fingers crossed everything ok with our embies!! Xx

  • Thanks Lucky17! And congrats to you too! I'm not as excited this time around and even more scared due to the previous miscarriage. But I need to say to myself that this is the right one! :) Good luck too dearie! xxx

  • Monday 20th of March, 6+ weeks x

  • Oh great! :) Good luck hun!! xxx

  • And you πŸ€πŸ€ x

  • This is soooooo exciting. Sadly I can't help you out here as never got to this stage but let me know how the scan goes when it comes xx

  • Will do hun!! How are you doing? xxx

  • Been better..am a nervous wreck today..convinced period on its way but who knows might be side effects from those bloody pessaries😯xxx

  • Oh hun... I totally understand. Even now, every time I feel or imagine a little "leak", I'm rushing to the toilet to check if there's any trace of blood. :(

    Good luck dearie! xxx All will be well!

  • Thanks hun. .yes I have been in and out the loo all day xx

  • oh :( Have a good rest then! xxx

  • Congrats on your BFP! I have my first scan 23rd March, so just over 7 weeks. Very nervous, but hoping for the best. Best wishes to all on their first scan!

  • Oh good luck hun!!! Keep us updated!! Fingers crossed for you! xxx

  • Congratulations xxx

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