I'm sorry not wrote for a while..

I got a positive outcome after icsi treatment and went for my first 7 week scan today which I was nervous for anyway.

I've came away feeling even more worried yes I'm over the moon it had a little flicker for a heartbeat but then they started talking about concerns for size and booked me in again for another scan next week.

Don't know what to think!

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  • Hi Jupiter 1234

    I know its easier to say than do but try to relax and dont stress yourself, will be thinking of you. Stay strong!

  • Thankyou ..

    It's just so hard not to worry about something that you've wanted for years..


  • Hello Jupiter1234, I'm sorry to hear the scan didn't go completely to plan. It is very early days so fingers crossed next week your little bean has sprouted. Good luck and I hope this week is not too stressful! x

  • Thankyou hopeful.

    I suppose this journey is never straight forward even when we get the positive we've longed for.

    I will take one day at a time and hopefully next Friday will come quick xx

  • I know. It can feel like you've jumped one hurdle only to feel there's another one around the corner! x

  • Definetly feel like that x

  • Hi jupiter1234. I'm not too sure at what stage your little embie was at when transferred, but if it was a Day 3 transfer, it just may need to catch up a little. Good luck with the next scan. Diane

  • I had a day three transfer so I've been counting my week from egg collection so I thought I was six weeks but they count it from transfer day and add two weeks so they said I was eight weeks tomorrow.

    Hopefully next scan will go better.

    Thankyou dianne.

  • Oh I do hope so. Will be thinking of you. Diane

  • Thankyou dianne.