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so another update :)

after we have already seen our surrogate mother! Yes, we met her. And we were completely surprised and happy because we actually felt like our surrogate was chosen to somehow resemble us. I know that it is not even a criteria of choosing a surro mom when it comes to gestational surrogacy but still, my hubby said that she looks a lot like me! A lot! well, maybe this is his imagination but I also have found something similar in our looks and even in our comportment. But yeah!

I feel relieved and good and happy because we now know for 100 percent that our kids are in good hands!

Speaking about our babies! Unfortunately our doctor refused to make some conclusions about the gender of the kids. but she said that for 85 percent it is 2 boys! well, I want to believe that but of course I won't get upset if it is 2 girls either haha.

She said that we will be able to know it only on the 16th week of pregnancy which is in one month. basically not that long but very long for someone like us.

well, here it is.

I wish all the best to everyone! Lots of love!

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  • Bethany I just love your updates, they're amazing. You sound so happy! Two boys or two girls would be incredible! Your little family is on its way! So happy for you, sending love to all x x x

  • Thank you a lot! You are so kind! I wish you everything the best, I am praying for your well-being and for you to also receive great updates!

    You know... I have never thought that I would be that happy while in the middle of surrogacy program, as most of the people I felt mostly skeptical and upset when surrogacy became our only option and now look at me. I love the fact that I can bring someone joy with my updates! I hope that we will be a decent family. And our babies will live in the world full of happiness. this is my pink dream haha

    Lots of love hun


  • Such a lovely post. Am so happy for your positive news :) Enjoy every moment of happiness. You deserve it xxxx

  • Thank you!!

    I actually feel like this is a lot for me. too much but maybe I am still very overwhelmed by the fact that we are moving towards the day when our children see the world. Oh I am so so happy.

    Thank you again for such a nice comment, you all are precious, I feel like this forum is full of such lovely and caring people!!!

    I wish you nothing but the best!


  • Aww your positivity and happiness are so contagious!! I agree with you, have only been on this site for afew days and filled with some of the nicest kindest loveliest people!!!!

    I'm so happy and excited that your journey is progressing. It must feel overwhelming that your dreams are soon to be reality, but you deserve it and have worked so hard to get here.

    Looking forward to hearing more developments about your two boys :)

    Big hugs xxxxxx

  • thank you a lot! I will be constantly updating because I feel like I cannot live without these updates and I actually like receiving your positive feedback as in real life I am actually not that open about my surrogacy, I have told my friends but my colleagues do not know anything about it and they just cannot congratulate me right now. I hope that they will understand my choice and will be very understanding and supportive too.

  • Great news and how exciting xx

  • yes, very exciting! :)


  • Another very small UPD

    My kids are very healthy, the screening showed that there is nothing to worry about. their weight is normal for them at 12 weeks. And I am happy about that/ I am very and very happy!


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