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Mesa/ Tese advise please!


So hubby had a vesectomy many years ago... so he is booked in for his sperm retrieval in 4 days time coinciding with egg retrieval. My concern is the fact that he is literally terrified. He is very sensitive and a worrier. Can anyone give me some advice on recovery time, pain levels and any other information. I am now feeling super guilty and worried for him. X

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My husband had MESA in February. Tell your husband not to worry! While it was painful and swollen for 3-4 days the swelling and bruising lasted around 2 weeks (reducing everyday). My husband took one week off work. 5 weeks on and you can't even see where the cut was made. The stitches dissolved after around 10days. It was successful and we are due to begin ICSI in June/July. Good luck! X

Thank you so much for your reply. I am probably doubly worried because we are actually having the treatment abroad. We are away right now and with all my concentration on me I have completely overlooked his recovery time. I am concerned about flying back after the operation. We will fly back about 6 days after the operation. Lots of luck for June.

What kind of retrieval is he having as there are several different ways to go about it? My husband had them all - he's had a vasectomy reversal (didn't work), then a procedure where they just try and withdraw sperm with a needle (didn't work) and then a biopsy where they make a small cut and withdraw sperm direct from the teste. That final one did work and we wished we'd just done that to start with! My husband was completely terrified by the time it came to the last option as he'd already been through rather a lot. But he was fine and it was very, very quick. We couldn't believe how quick it was. He was off work for two weeks but that was partly so we could have some time off together. He wore tight pants but baggy jogging bottoms for that time as he found that most comfortable, but he didn't need much pain relief. He had the stitches taken out at hospital and now has the tiniest scar. I think the worst part for him was the idea of it, but when we had the news that it was over and it had worked (four vials collected, three frozen for later use) he said it wasn't nearly as bad as he thought it was going to be. We went on to have ICSI and a FET and were incredibly lucky that it worked first time. I'm now 20 weeks pregnant with a baby boy so it has all been worth it.

It might sound stupid but if anything this has brought us closer together - we've both been through the mill physically to get this far and have had to look after each other when we've needed 'sofa days'. My husband ended up showing me his bruises almost gleefully like they were a badge of honour!

Best of luck to you and your husband, it'll soon be over and he should find it wasn't nearly as bad as he was expecting. He should be fine flying six days later as long as he takes it slow and finds comfortable clothes.


Thank you so much for your reply, we don't know until he is under, I think they are doing a general anesthetic with the view that if there is no sperm from the aspiration then they will do the biopsy. Such great news for you! I suppose the combination of it all is beginning to get a bit stressful. I just hate the thought of him going through it for nothing. I am also worried that if I am in pain I won't be able to look after him, although I have had several operations and proceduresafety and tend to bounce back straight away. It's good to hear that the overall recovery wasn't to bad. Well 2 more days and we will know. Xx

i dont have advice sorry but wanted to just wish u both well with it all xxx

Thank you, will post to let you know the outcome xxx

Has he had a reversal? The only reason the aspiration didn't work for us was because after the failed reversal my poor husband's anatomy was in slightly the wrong place under the skin so going in 'blind' with the needle was very difficult for the doctors. This was very unusual! In the majority of cases an aspiration should work depending on how long ago the vasectomy was, so hopefully that'll be the case for your husband. My husband had his about 10 years before the reversal procedure.

What I wouldn't give to get a time machine and go back to stop him having the vasectomy in the first place!

Don't feel guilty, you are in this together and in the long run you have a lot more to go through than he does. I do understand though - I felt pretty bad when I was watching my husband come round from a general anaesthetic with no idea what the future held for us. But we felt we had to try. And now, 8 months on, it all seems like a small part of our journey and I can genuinely say that whether it had worked or not it was the right thing to do as it was the only option left and we had to know if it could work.

Please keep us posted and I'll be crossing my fingers and toes for you both!


Awww thank you. Funnily enough my step daughter who is actually expecting her first said the same thing. She said 9 months pregnancy and labour completely trumps my husbands procedure. He had his vesectomy 26 years ago but his hormone tests indicate he is still producing sperm. So let's hope they are all ready for a March to freedom after all this time. Less than 24 hours to go before we know. I have read your comments to him and he feels a bit better! 🙄

Just to let you all know it was a complete success! He recovered quicker than I did and he is a hapay chappy. I had 17 eggs so a great day all round. Fingers crossed for an update tomorrow. Thank you so much for the support and help. Xxxxx

Amazing news! Congratulations :D really happy for you. Another hurdle crossed. Keep us updated! Xx

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