And so it begins!

Hello all

Sooo after a delayed start I was finally given the go-ahead to start my Gonal F this afternoon for short protocol! I was dreading the first injection as I'm not very good with needles, but it turns out I can be brave and ended up injecting myself first time! Was very proud of myself and it wasn't at all bad!!

Is anyone at the same/similar stage?


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  • Good luck Sunbeam123 :-)

    I remember this day well. Almost injected myself with the big needle! I'm not at your stage yet. Got about 4 weeks to go xx

  • Well done lovely. Each day at a time ok? Ask lots of questions! Here's hoping for your BFP xxx

  • Good luck πŸ˜‰ xx

  • Thanks all! 🀞🏻 Sending the luck back to you all too!! x

  • be super proud of yourself. It's not the easiest or most natural thing to have to do so well done. You'll be a pro in no time. I'm (hopefully) coming to the end of down regs and injections have been fine. Good luck!xx

  • You go girl..I wimped out and my husband did injections. .I just couldn't do it and it kind of got him involved. I have just had egg transfer so bit ahead of you..good luck xxxx

  • Good luck for 2ww!! X

  • Thanks hun I haven't got long now..panic setting in 😨xx

  • Well done Hun & good luck with your treatment xxx

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