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Hampshire (and anyone nearby!) Infertility Peer Support Group and Blog

Hi Everyone, I haven't been on here for a while partly because I met a few lovely ladies at a local support group run by a Counsellor. I've found invaluable support from them and we want to meet and connect with more people going through infertility. We've started a blog, Amy has written a brilliant blog about what to say and what not to say to someone suffering infertility. It would be good to hand to loved ones that say the wrong thing......


And we've started a facebook group where we hope to post any meet ups because we've found a new much needed social life with each other, it's a closed group so completely private and nobody from the 'real' world will know you've joined if you want to join us that would be great.


Lots of love


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Hi, I'm in the local area so this sounds great to me...just followed the link and clicked to join u all!...Thanks x 😄


Great to have you join us!!! Xxxx


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