When to expect period the month after failed IVF?

Hey everyone my first cycle was cancelled as I didn't stimulate well so I got my period when I would normally about 14 days after suspected ovulation. This is my first month post the hormones and I was wondering when people got there next period after treatment? I'm due to have surgery soon to remove adhesions and really hoping its been and gone by the time I'm due in to hospital. Thanks xx

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  • Hi CE_88_14. As your period came on time last time, hopefully your next one should too. It can take up to 2 months though sometimes, so keep your fingers crossed. Diane

  • Thank you for the reply Diane :-) I'm normally 28-30 days so I'm not massively late yet but I don't even feel like it's due which is bothering me. Hopefully it shows up soon enough x

  • Hi CE_88_14. Oh I do hope it does. However, there's nothing like fertility treatment to mess your cycle up. Be patient (easier said than done) and all will return to normal, I'm sure. Diane

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