What is everyone doing on there 2ww?

Just wondering what everyone is doing on there 2ww? R u working? Or not? Diet? Walking? Housework? Bath or shower?

I'm currently 3dp2dt my 6th transfer I have a few days leave from work I have decided to work through the rest of the wait usually I m signed off. Have been doing light housework and out for walks. Today I'm going to get my haircut. Tomorrow I have no plans so might have a sofa day and watch some films.

Good luck to everyone and lots of baby dust xxx

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  • Hi catybr

    I'm now 6dp5dt, my first ivf cycle.

    I have been doing things most days, even the day after transfer, my clinic advised going about usual day to day things, me and DH spent the day after ET shopping - nothing to heavy but a light walk around and bought ourselfs some bits. The day after was a bit of a rest day as we travelled home but since then each day I've been out, light walk, pottering around the house and I whent back to work yesterday.

    I have been told to shower not bath which is fine with me so have done that, and generally just kept my diet the same, just balanced diet. I have tried to keep everything as normal as possible!!

    Everyone is different and from what I can gather every clinic is different!

    I would say do what you feel comfortable doing Hun!

    Sending you lots of luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • hello πŸ‘‹πŸ» i'm 3dp 5dt & had last week & this off work. i've been going for short walks, pottering around doing light housework & reading - i don't actually know how i'm getting the day in!

    i had great intentions to cook / bake & do little projects, but i've had trouble sleeping so am quite enjoying being lazy.

    i read that laughter is recommended post embryo transfer, so might revisit old sex & the city episodes!

    ✨✨✨ sending lots of positive vibes your way ✨✨

  • Lol I am about to hopefully get to 2ww at the weekend as had egg collection yesterday. ..I had dug out sex and the city box set tooπŸ˜‰xxxx

  • great minds!!

    hope your egg collection was ok - take it nice & easy and put those feet up 😘

  • That sounds about right lovely. I stopped my hard core exercise regime. Done a few yoga classes had acupuncture and went for walks. Chilled went to cinema. I had 2 days off first week 1 day off second week.

    I had BFP last week so I must have done something right πŸ˜‰Best of luck xxx

  • I'm telling my OH that I can't do any housework or dishes or laundry. Drs orders. That's what they tell you isn't it ;-)

  • Love this..I am going to try that too πŸ˜‰xx

  • Hehe. :-) If anyone else has received similar advice that I haven't thought of please let me know. Since Ice cream, booze and caffeine are all off limits I have to get some perks in somehow!

  • My hubby and I last time wrote nice activities and things to do even just silly things..he wrote his ideas on blue paper and I wrote mine on pink..we put them all in a big bowl and each day we alternated so I picked a blue idea etc and it helped pass 2ww with fun things that made us laugh xx

  • Love this Vic77 x

  • Will be trying that. I have to travel for work so I did a few uk trips during dr and now in Poland doing my last one so I have 4 weeks at home for et ec and 2ww as we had a bit of a pushy nurse who insisted no travel during 2ww. She also insisted hubby froze his swimmers as he was off to Peru for work and there's a slight zika risk in Lima. The dr wasn't concerned but the nurse was.

    So with me sat at home with only a few reports to write I'm going to be climbing the walls! At times like that I start repainting the house or start some weeding in the garden that then turns into some massive project like laying some decking! Obviously all that isn't allowed either.

    We are having an extension done aswell, this maybe the time to learn how to lay some bricks!

    Mind you I have 5 days holiday to take before April and the OH has about the same so a few day trips here and there might be in order to pass the time.

  • I'm 6dp 5dfet and spending most of my time feeling crazy lol. I have been having what feels like pmt and had pink spotting twice. So I'm spending my time worrying. On a more enjoyable note; I booked the tww off and I too have done light housework. Today we went to a wildlife park and Thursday we're going to the beach.

    Good luck for you on your tww πŸ€

  • Hi Catybr - I was off for a week for treatment, we went on some lovely walks and had some nice lunches. Now I'm back at work and just walking the dog on an evening. My diet is pretty good overall but I have had a few pieces of cake after transfer. Just plodding along really and trying to stop myself from going crazy but I think I'm fighting a losing battle!

    Enjoy your time off, take care of yourself and wishing you luck x x x

  • You deserve cake Momma! Hows the week passing? It's Thursday tomorrow! You're nearly there! ❀❀❀

  • The week went by ok but today has been on a go slow all day! Thankful to be at home and resting and feeling much more content 😌How's the sleep been the last couple of nights?! 😴😘 x x x

  • I've not used my book once. Despite being a bit fearful about being mucked around over costs from the hospital! I've just not wanted to turn the light on in case it really wakes me up! LOL! x

  • Lovely to read all your replies.

    Feeling a bit like negative nacey today probably cos I haven't done a lot took the dog for a walk also have what feels like period pains.

    Back to work tomorrow so should keep me occupied.


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