Has anyone tried DHEA to improve egg quality. If so, who advised it, did you think it worked, where did you get it and what was your story?

Just after some advice I keep reading about this online and on forums but rung the ivf centre to ask about it and they didn't seem to know anything about it and said it's nothing they advise and nothing can improve egg quality. πŸ˜•

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  • My clinic had me try it as I was only getting 1 follicle even though I was on 600 units of gonal f. I did 75mg for 3 months and ended up with 6/7 follicles! But the side effects weren't nice, and I was monitored while on it. But egg quality wasn't an issue, it was lack of response!

  • I'm on it, ivf starts in 3 weeks and I will have been on it for the recommended 3 months. My clinic was happy for me to take it. I have low ovarian reserve. Buy the book "it stays with the egg" - there is a whole chapter on it x

  • I've been taking it, I'm the older end of the scale so not producing much.back in April no eggs at collection, then took dhea and in November although only follicle grew, it produced a good quality egg.i was on stronger meds as well so v difficult to know for sure but lots of people have had good results x

  • I took a low dose 25mg a day for my first cycle. Can't say if it helped as I have nothing to compare it too. Unfortunately I don't think my egg quality was that great despite 14 mature ones, only ended up with one 'c' and two 'd' blasts. Must be my age. Have a review next week so will see if they recommend upping the dosage for round 2

  • I've ordered some think they are in 10mg so will see if they make any difference may have to have a couple I guess

  • Good luck!

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