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I saw on an earlier post that you can get a pre payment card, i`m considering asking my consultant about injectables as i`ve had no luck with Clomid or Letrazole and this will be my final try as at 46 i know the chances are slim. Would the 3 month card cover the full cost of all the meds, it seems very cheap as i understand they can run into the hundreds. Can anyone tell me how this works?


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  • I forgot to mention, the prescription would be a private one as i`m an NHS patient but was referred to a private hospital to cut down the waiting time for treatment because of my age. Any medications i have to pay for myself.


  • HI Webchick, like you, I am interested in this option as have never heard of this and am interested to know more.... Does anyone know if these cards can be used when you are a private patient? xxx

    P.S Good luck with your cycle, I hope it all works out for you xx

  • Hi webchick. Unfortunately you can't use a pre-payment prescription card for fertility drugs. I'm afraid you will have to shop around, maybe some of the larger supermarkets and get their prices. Good luck! Diane

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