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Trigger shot tonight, EC booked for Monday- anyone with me? X

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Well hello thar lovely people, hope you're all coping well like the amazing ivf wariors you are!

Well my 2nd scan on Friday revealed 3 plump follies between 22-23mm, 3 between 15-18 and a couple under 10 but the consultant said that after another 2 days of stims my smaller ones could catch up and she seemed hopeful.

So, with the last night of stims and the trigger shot ahead of me this evening I'm taking the opportunity to indulge in a candlelit essential oil bath to try and unwind any niggling nerves in readiness for Monday's egg collection... just wish they'd go away! πŸ˜‚.

Is anyone else in a similar place? If so, how're you feeling?

Big hugs and love to all and wishes that lovely stork is circling our neighbourhoods xxxx

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Good luck pookymama


Aw, thank you Diamonddream, how're you doing? Xx

Yes I'm good thank you! Got the call of 5 fertilised eggs thismorning so transfer will be either Monday or Wednesday! I feel excited and nervous!!

Sending everyone much love and luck on there cycles


Oo, 5 fertilised; exciting times! Best of luck and love for your transfer hun. Xx 😊

You're a couple of months ahead of me. Just wanted to wish you all the very best of luck on Monday for a good harvest and that they fertilise well!! Xx

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Thank you for your lovely reply pint_sized. Where are you on your journey? I wish you all the very best of luck with it. Xx 😊

You'll be fine Hun! Just think of the future embies xxx

Aw, thank you Claire, you're quite right. I've just been trying to visualise and send positive vibes to my follies to try and help them along. Tehe. How're you doing with your journey hun? Xx

Nearly at the end of the 2ww! Anxious but need answers πŸ‘Œ

And man is that a stressful place to be, no doubt you need your answers, like yesterday! πŸ˜‚. It's so hard not to be anxious, sending you positive vibes and wishes for all to be well for you. When is your test day? Xx


Good luck to you Claire xx

Good luck and fingers crossed for your follies!! πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ‘

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Pookymama in reply to Nesfin

Aw, thank you Nesfin. Good luck to you too xx

hey pookymama, i've just triggered & having collection monday - so right with you.

wishing you all the best πŸ’

let's hope it's our year!

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Pookymama in reply to -noodles-

Oh wow Noodles, you too! As I've found this forum this round it's really comforting to know that there are other people at the same stage at the same time, and wonderful that we are here to support each other through this process.

How're you feeling noodles? I'm surprisingly calm at the moment with an "I've don't everything in my power to make this happen" attitude - very unlike my usual fretting nature but I sure hope it lasts!

Hope you're feeling ok lovely, and wishing you lots of luck and love for Monday! Xxx

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-noodles- in reply to Pookymama

hi pooky, good for you staying calm, like you, i've found this site a great source of support.

this is an unbelievably difficult process & unless someone has been through it, they've no idea what's involved.

i was a mess coming to terms with infertility for the whole of last year, so have surprised myself at how i've just gone into autopilot with treatment.

i've been using the helen mcpherson hypnotherapy cd which has been aaaaaaaamazing!

will be thinking of you tomorrow & sending lots of luck & love ✨

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Pookymama in reply to -noodles-

Honestly Noodles, I have no idea how I'm calm right now, some higher power or as you say a good ole' case of auto pilot has taken over! Lol.πŸ˜‚

Aw hun, I know what you mean about being a mess coming to terms with infertility... its something that can change us implicitly as it shakes our very life plan and vision of our identities to the core.

Tbh, I'm not sure I've accepted infertility now, it's like living on autopilot with everything on standstill until a baby comes and play can be resumed.

Cuh, you can tell I'm a Gemini, half of me positive, logical and calm the other half quite the opposite - sorry for the depressing tone there hun! Tehe. πŸ˜‚

Anyway, I hope and pray that this is our time and magic will happen for us.

Big love to you. Stay in touch xxxx

I'm with you Pooky!! Although I have to say you sound much more calm than I! I don't have any stims tonight. How bizarre that the clinics are all so different! Last jab until after ET for me. Then it's gestone shots in the butt. Can't wait πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

I've just had my bath, enjoy yours and good luck for Monday. Keep in touch!! x x x

Aw Mommabear, I can assure you that my feelings and levels of anxiety/calm change like the wind so you're not alone with that hun!

I have to admit that I'm straggly calm right now though and hoping my usual dose of anxiety doesn't rear it's ugly head.

I found it weird that I was stimming and triggering on the same night too, in fact, I called the hospital back to check I'd written the info down correctly - but yeah, there it is!

Last time of my 9 follies, 5 were at 18 and the others not so far behind while this time I seem to have the full spectrum from 8mm- 23 so I think they wanted to try and get my mid sized ones up with my 3 twenty-somethings and I can probably forget the little ones.

At present I think like yourself, I may end up with 3. I was initially hysterical about this after having 9 last time and contemplating cancelling the cycle but the doctor seemed hopeful so we went ahead.

Sending all the prayers, luck and love to our follies to have grown into our healthy babies to be and the same to us to help us remain strong, positive and the perfect environment to welcome our babies back into xxxx

Best of luck Monday xxx

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Pookymama in reply to 72cloud9

Thank you so much cloud9, how're you doing with your journey? Sending you luck and love xxx

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72cloud9 in reply to Pookymama

Test day tomoro-dreading it! But at least I'll know xxx

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Pookymama in reply to 72cloud9

Wow, it's your big day tomorrow! I bet you are dreading it hun, when there's so much hope and expectation riding on something it's hard not to.

How have you been physically?

I hope that tomorrow you are filled with courage, strength and inner peace that you have done all you can do to make this happen and above all, I hope that those two breathtaking lines appear to fill your world with the joy you've been waiting for.

Sending all my positive wishes to you xxx

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72cloud9 in reply to Pookymama

Thank u Hun,I sort of feel it hasn't worked but still hoping beyond hope xxx

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Pookymama in reply to 72cloud9

I hope and pray it has worked for you. Whatever happens I'm here if you want to talk. Luck and love xxx

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72cloud9 in reply to Pookymama

Thank u, that's really kind x and same to u xxx

Hey lovely I am a week behind you with my egg collection likely next Monday. We are at hospital for scan on Friday so all being well I reckon Monday like last time. I am more worried in certain ways this time as I know now that to pass each stage is tough..I never knew anything about anything last time..blissful ignorance without the bliss though probably. Good luck for tomorrow..I will be thinking of you xxx

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Pookymama in reply to vic77

Aw Vic, it's so hard isn't it! I've intermittently felt that the old knowledge is power addage is grossly misinterpreted in this circumstance and exactly like you, knowing what we need to achieve at each stage has been far scarier than last time - knowing the numbers, the stats and having our previous experience to compare this to has added more pressure at times.

I'm having an unusually calm phase at present, I know I've done all I can do, I've eaten well (mostly), taken supplements, though i did have 3 special occasions involving wine after the miscarriage last November I've otherwise abstsined from alcohol since last July, I've changed all my products to chemical and BPA free ones and have had accupuncture so have given it my best shot and am trying to keep that in mind.

I hope you're able to take comfort in all you've done to make this work and pray that you'll feel on top form in the coming weeks hun.

We're already the best mother's we can be in all that we're doing to achieve our miracles... now all we need is God or Lady Luck or fate or whatever it is we each believe in to take a hand.

Come on you beautiful follies, your Mamas are waiting with open arms!

Sorry Vic, I rather seem to have rambled there! Haha.

Big luck and love to you for the coming weeks and months. I shall look forward to sharing your journey xxx

Awwww loved your message. .big love to you too😊😊😊xx

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Pookymama in reply to vic77

Take care chicky. I'll be rooting for you xxx


Glad to hear you have a calm spell in the middle of what is a very excited/ anxious time.

Sending you positive vibes xx

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Pookymama in reply to Brenbert

Thank you Brenbert, it's actually starting to feel real now! How're things with you? Xxx

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Brenbert in reply to Pookymama

First appointment at the clinic on Wednesday. Ready to step on to the roller coaster and buckle up 😁Xx

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Pookymama in reply to Brenbert

Oo, exciting times ahead then Brenbert, nice to get the show on the road! Good luck with the appointment. I'll look forward to hearing how it goes xx

Good luck!

I came on over the weekend so will book scan tomorrow to start.. a little bit behind you! Good luck tomorrow and let us know how it goes! X

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Pookymama in reply to girl15

Thank you girl15, oo, so you'll be starting your shots over the next few days.. which protocol are you on? Is it your first time? Best of luck to you hun. We'll have to keep each other posted. Xx 😊

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girl15 in reply to Pookymama

We are basically cycle buddies Pookymama!

It's my first cycle so not sure on protocol and stuff..

I can't wait to just get started but I am really nervous!

Is it your first time? Did you start the shots same day as your first scan? X

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Pookymama in reply to girl15

Oo yeay! πŸ˜„. If your down regging I'm not sure if you start shots on the day of your scan as I haven't done that.

I'm on a short/antagonist protocol so I started my shots on the day of my scan on day 2 of af.

Aw hun, bet you are nervous but doesn't it feel good to finally be here too? :-) draw every bit of positive energy to you - it really helps!

This is my second and final nhs cycle. I became pregnant on my last one but ended in early mc in October 16.

I was a negative Nancy at embryo transfer so gotta keep my spirits up this time around.

Good luck with your cycle. Keep me posted on how things are going. Xxx

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girl15 in reply to Pookymama

I think I start shots Same day as first scan! Hope they fit me in tomorrow at the clinic.

I have so much medication I'm getting nervous what to take when, but sure the nurses will clear that up.

It's hard to be positive without getting hopes up. But let's hope for 2nd time lucky for you!!

I haven't told anyone have you? It so hard just having your partner to talk to so this forum is great!

I'll keep you posted once started! X

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Pookymama in reply to girl15

Oo, exciting times!

The nurses will give you a written breakdown of what shots to take and when. They will also demonstrate or talk you through how to administer them.

My partner has mostly been doing shots but ive done a few myself to practice as he'll be night shift next week.

I totally agree about getting the balance between positivity and getting hopes up. I tried not to get my hopes up last time but now feel I was too tempered with my hope so however dangerous I'd like to think "pregnant" through this cycle in the hope my body will catch up!

I told very few people last time but several people know this time though I have to say the best support I have is on here as often we build ourselves up to tell people in the hope of getting support and if they haven't been through it they often don't know how to support you. Not the case with all people mind you. I'm glad I'm not trying to hide it this time at least.

Anyway, I've got a 6.30 start with early surgery so I'm afraid I'd better shoot off to bed now.

Lovely talking to you and wish you all the best with tomorrow.

I look forward to sharing your journey xxx

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