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Trigger shot tonight! Ec on Monday!!

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Hello we started our ivf journey last year!! Things have happened fast and we’re now ready for egg collection on Monday!! I was scared for the injections but after day one all was fine and I became a pro 😜!! Went for a scan on Friday and all was great! Lining was a good thickness and 12 follicles on left and 4 on the right!! All brilliant sizes apparently, so we’re booked in on Monday for ec!!! I’m a little scared for this as I’ve never Been sedated before!!! Anyone any advice!!! Xxxx

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All sounds really positive! Good luck with egg collection, I had mine last Wednesday - under sedation. All went fine!

I seem to remember the oxygen mask going over my face, my pillow being re adjusted - then boom back on the ward waking up in tears with my hubby at my side! Apparently I snore/cry when recovering from sedation, it’s all normal - so be prepared for all reactions! Lol.

Little bit of cramping/lower abdo pain and generally feeling sleepy for the rest of the day. But it’s a breeze!

Good luck for Monday, I’ll be in for embryo transfer! 🤞🏼🍀💕

Thank you for your reply!! I’m sure I’ll be fine it just all seems really scary!!! Ha ha ok I’ll be prepared for what they say about me when I wake up lol!!!

How many eggs were collected from your ec, (hope you don’t mind me asking)

Sending you lots of luck for Monday too xxxx

Not at all, they collected 12! 5 have been fertilised 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳it’s our second cycle, and the numbers have been much better this time around!

You’ll be fine at EC, I hope after you’ve been admitted and seen by the team your not having to wait around too long for your slot? I was admitted to the unit at 8 am, I didn’t go to theatre til 10:30. I was home by 12 though 👍🏻

This is my first round of ivf but I have a 14 year old son from a previous relationship!! The small problem is with my partner so they say 😬!!

Ah brill that’s really good!! I’ve got all sorts going through my head!!! What if I’ve already ovulated 🙈 what’s if there’s no eggs and what if non fertilise!!!! Guess these are all normal thoughts!!!!

My slot is at 10 so I’ve to be there for 9.30! We’re a 2 he drive from the hospital, so travelling down tomorrow and having a night in a hotel, just to make it a bit less stressful on Monday morning!!!

Lots of luck xx

No advice I’m afraid but we are on our first cycle and have first EC Wednesday! Hope all goes well for you so exciting but nerves are begging to creep up now xxx ❤️

It’s all quite scary isn’t it but I’m sure we’ll both be fine!!!

Sending you lots of luck too for Wednesday ❤️❤️ xxx

Thank you good luck! I’ll look out for an update post xxxx

Thank you good luck! I’ll look out for an update post xxxx

I’ll post on when I’ve had it done!!

🍀🍀 xx

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Good luck! You’ll be fine 👍🏻hope they get lots of eggs 🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳🍳

Good luck Lisaworthy1981! And everybody else going through egg collection this week!

I’m going in probably Tuesday. It is scary but can’t wait for it to be done!

Fingers crossed for all of you x

Thank you! Good luck to you too!!

I can’t wait either, it’s a strange feeling! Excited but scared at the same time!!

🍀🍀 xx

The sedation was the best part it’s nothing like a general apart from the fact I was still out cold but u feel absolutely fine when u wake up !! I was also pain free my clinic use a Voltarol suppository so I presume that helped 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Thank you for your reply!! Everyone’s telling me I’ll be fine, so I’m sure I will!! Just need to try and relax xx

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I was a nervous wreck I’m not gonna lie but after it I was like that was nothing why was I so worried !! But hopefully I don’t have to do it again 🤞🏼🤞🏼

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Fingers crossed!!!

How many eggs did they get?? And have you had your transfer xx

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I only had 6 follicles and got 5 eggs , 3 fertilised and we had 1 put back on Wednesday so on the dreaded 2WW but I’m keeping busy at work nothing else for it x

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Brilliant as they say it only takes one!!! Good luck with your journey xx

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That’s it !! Good luck Monday u will be fine x

Good luck for Monday! Second day of gonal-F today. How many days Injections did you have? (If you don't mind me asking!) X

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Thank you!! I did Menopur for 4 days then Menopur and Cetrotide for 6 days then just Cetrotide today!! Then trigger shot at 10 tonight!!!

How you finding the injections xx

Oh wow, that has gone very fast! I just feel really impatient and want to know when things will happen! Which i know is impossible to predict! Yeah okay so far thank you... feel like I'm getting potential twinges but I think it's all in my head! X

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I was the same!! I wanted to no what was happening, but they only scanned me once while on them and that was yesterday!!!

I was dreading that too but got good results!!

I got twinges a few days after starting them which is obviously a good sign and there still twinging now!!!

How long are you injecting for?? Xx

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How exciting, we just want to get to the collection day! My partner is carrying and so I am sharing with her!

I am on this dose for 4 days and then back to the clinic Tuesday for a scan to see what dose I need for the rest of the treatment! .. did you change your diet whilst injecting? I am trying to be as healthy as possible! (I've read way too much!!) X

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Aww wow that’s amazing!!

I just got all my drugs at the same time! Apparently I’m text book 🤣 so let’s hope it carries on for the rest!

Ermm I was on SlimmingWorld prior to treatment, and lost two stone! So I just carried on as I was really!! Trying my best to eat healthy!

I’m also taking pregnacare


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Fingers crossed for you! X

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Good luck to you too xx

Have no advice but want to wish you all the best for EC tomorrow.xo

Thank you xx

All sounds to be progressing well for you. Wishing you the very best of luck for Monday. I’ve had deep sedation twice and I was fine, put to sleep within minutes of being wheeled into the procedure room and woken up again when it was all over. I was nervous too beforehand. Try to have a relaxing day today or do something that will help take your mind off things a little xo

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Lisaworthy1981 in reply to Dunla

I hoping so!! Did my trigger and feeling a bit sicky this morning. Did you have this feeling!!

We’re having a lovely family day today then we’re travelling down to the hotel later on so we’re close by as it’s nearly a 2 he drive for us to the hospital!

Thank you for replying xxx

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Dunla in reply to Lisaworthy1981

Great idea to stay at a hotel close by. We have done that several times as we also live a long distance from the clinic. It does help to make the morning of EC a lot less stressful. I did feel quite grotty and sluggish after the trigger shot. Not nice. Hope you are still able to enjoy your wee family day xx

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Lisaworthy1981 in reply to Dunla

Thank you!! I’ll post tomorrow how it goes xx

Just want to send all my very best wishes for your egg collection

Thank you!! Panic has set in but I no I’ll be fine xx

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