Starting ICSI tomorrow!!

I'm starting my IVF/ICSI treatment tomorrow. I'm nervous/excited/scared and a bit overwhelmed by it all.

They said my hormone levels are v good so They are not putting me on the nasal spray in case it over stimulates my ovaries.

I will be taking Northiesterone for 11 days, stop for 7 days and have a period and then start injections for 11 days.

Has anyone else been on this treatment plan?

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  • Hi....all the very best

  • No sorry, I had menopur and buserlin but good luck with your treatment ☺ x x

  • I was on a different regime but good luck with it all. I think the emotions you are feeling are normal. That's how I felt. It does feel like you're doing something positive though, so try to focus on that. Best of luck xx

  • Thanks it's all very overwhelming especially when they send you off with a massive bag of drugs and you have to make sure you do everything right. But hopefully it will be worth it all in the end!

  • We start tomorrow too and also feel all of the above emotions. Hope it goes okay with you xx

  • Best of luck to you hopefully we both get good news at the end x

  • Mine was also menopur and Buserlin xx good luck for your treatment xx

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