It's almost 1 week since I had my frozen embryo transfer and it's been the longest week EVER. I have nothing to distract me, not even work as I hoped. But because I am a flight attendant I've been grounded. The company is meant to give me ground duties but so far they haven't. Which some people might think is jammy, but I like being active. Now I just worry about every twinge, sleep an awful lot, (The effects of the drugs) and eat (think that's mainly from boredom). React strangely to comments. The DH not sure what to say to me in case I bite his head off!!

Feel am in limbo, with my life on hold. Can't make any long term plans, as just don't know what the outcome will be. I'm 42 nearly 43. Have several fibroids & blocked tube and low ovarian reserve So I had 2 rounds of egg collection and freeze. Then the transfer. Glad to be near the end.

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  • know how you feel. had mine done today. Been passing the time by watching films. not sure what i'm going to do for the next 9 days. Not long left for you.

  • I really feel for you. I'm 40 and had my embryo transfer today. i was only allowed one embryo to be put back as I am high risk ovarian hyper stimulation (OHSS).....I had it badly last cycle so they're being overly cautious!!!! As I have hidden my treatment from friends and family - the 2ww seems to get trickier each cycle especially when my head is in a constant (emotional) grey fog. The ways I've tried to distract myself from the 2ww is just what you're doing (watching movies). I also try to take one little 20 min walk a day too, another day I buy a trashy mag + chocolate brownie, sometimes create music compilations (relaxing, funky, favourite voices etc), read that book your best friend kept recommending. I've also used the Zita West IVF relaxation cd. I, personally, feel so chilled out after that I could be drunk. This feeling of being in limbo though won't shift so pls try not to kick yourself about it....we have enough of an emotional roller coaster to ride out. Very few understand this journey and every journey is v individual. Wishing you lots and lots of luck and sending positive thoughts you way x

  • Thanks very much for the encouraging words. Glad am not the only one and you sound very organized. Guess some of the issue is the fear of the unknown. If the outcome was guaranteed positive think I would be more patient. Anyway wishing you all the success too.

  • Could you start a craft project or something similar to help keep you busy? Failing that I always find Netflix helps!

  • Hi. I am not at that stage yet. Still down regulating. However I have bought some relaxation CDs ready for during that time. From what I have heard sleep and relaxation will be key. Good luck.

  • Hi Guys, thanks for being there. The activities I normally do to pass time, like going for a jog & cleaning the house are restricted at the moment and because I expected to be learning a new role at work I didn't make much plans with how to cope. Like Stillttc I have told very few friends & family. To be honest the ones I've told their interest is not that great.

    Can't really blame them;my mom & sisters and everyone else I know all had their family with little to no effort. Mom doesn't quite understand. My closest friend is getting ready to have a hysterectomy due to her recurrent fibroids and family history of cancer. We sorta don't know what to say to each as at opposite end of the spectrum. I feel ungrateful when talking to her. It's such a difficult situation. On 1 hand my friend having to make & going thru some though decisions and then I have my cousin sending me pic & videos of his young boys jumping on beds having fun, etc (he's very happy to be a dad & doesn't know about my treatment). I feel like "piggy in the middle", one moment feeling ungrateful because I moan and next feeling jealous & spiteful because I delete the pic & videos.

    Not really a crafty or movie watching person. But am going to take these suggestions on board and try something new. Will definitely do the walking. Sorry for the long rant.

  • I'm having my transfer next week and we have told no one as I cant cope with other peoples disappointment if we fail also, its our first time and probably last time as we have had to go private. I have an office job so taking no time off but dreading it as I know my concentration will be nil until I know the result. I am excited but filled with dread at it failing, I'm finding the drugs okay but know they are affecting me as I'm very indecisive and find myself quite emotional . does anyone else feel like this plus I seem to be putting weight on my stomach not sure if I'm just bloated but panicking about that too now !! roll on end of Feb and will know one way or another Good Luck to all

  • I compare myself to the incredible hulk when it comes to my emotions :) I really have no idea when I'll change. I even scare myself :)

    The stomach thing seems normal. My hubby actually said I looked pregnant..that comment didn't go done well!!

    Like yourself it's very very likely going to my 1st & only attempt as also went private.

    So sending us both positive vibes xxx

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