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I know we can't recommend etc on here but wondered if anyone has dealt with Newlife, Thessaloniki, Greece? If you have if you could pm me that would be so appreciated. Thinking of trying 1 last shot with my own old eggs b4 we make any final decisions re donor eggs x

Also with going abroad for treatment how did everyone cope with timing flights, accommodation etc as that's worrying me? And also better to stay in a hotel or apartment for the time?


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  • with donor eggs they link you to donor cycle by putting you on the pill once you are on the pill you can book your flights. accommodation was booked through clinic we got a discount. All transfers to and from airport and to and from hospital and hotel are included. x

  • I don't think it's quite as straight forward with own eggs....not that they will probably get any anyway!! ๐Ÿ˜ฉX

  • I'm in Thessaloniki as we speak, just having undergone an egg donation day 5 ET with new life. I'll PM you!

  • Oh how exciting! Yes please pm me x

  • Just sent you a small essay ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Got it x

  • You might check out if there are any reviews on eggdonationfriends com or fertilityfriends. x

  • Thank u x

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