The CALL 😊

Just had my call from clinic following yesterday's egg collection. They collected 8. We did 4 with ICSI and 4 with IVF. All 8 eggs were mature enough to use πŸ‘ All 4 ICSI have fertilised and 3 of IVF fertilised.

I'm so over the moon with the result and excited about transfer of blastocyst on Saturday. So far everything has been going so well almost too good to be true. It's only my first IVF attempt too. I feel very privileged having read all the stories from so many women who struggles with so many different factors. I don't want to jinx it ; we still have a way to go and there are no guarantees but will remain optimistic.

Sending good thoughts and karma to you all xx

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  • Omg that's great news! So happy for you πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ’žπŸ€

  • Awww thanks. Best to you too xx

  • That's amazing!! Good luck 😊😊😊

  • Hiya, did you get to decide whether to use ivf or icsi? Glad it's all looking good for you xx

  • Hiya they'll ask us on Saturday I think. My gut feeling is that if we have one from each camp which are as good as each other we'll go for an IVF embryo as technically they should be stronger and have made it naturally. x

  • Thanks for the reply, did they decide themselves to do the two different procedures to the eggs?xx

  • No we chose it (private clinic)because we are 'unexplained' so my partner was keen to find answers to why it hadn't happened naturally...we still none the wiser as IVF eggs worked almost as well as ICSI??πŸ€”

  • Oh I see ok.. ours is unexplained too.. about to have second round IUI so just reading up on IVF at the mo xx

  • We considered IUI first but looking at stats, success rate and cost went straight to IVF. I wasn't sure at first but now glad we did. Consultant recommended 'cos my AMH level are normal but on the low side and 'cos of my age 39. Best of luck whichever direction you go xx

  • My congrants!! That's great news. Hope everything will be ok

  • Thank you xx

  • you are welcome. btw, how are you now?

  • I'm on day 2 after EC. I was supposed to go back to work today but rang my boss yesterday saying I needed another day off. He was fine with it. I'm a lot better. Just bit sore and permanently attached to my hot water bottle lol xx

  • you'll be great, believe me.

    your boss is intelligent and he appreciates you, good for you. You'l have more time for relax. it would be a little weekend inn the middle of a week, haha. Try to think positive and be calm. That's so important right now.

    and hot water bottle? Are you sure you can use it, because, I'm not a big expert in this field. Won't it cause a problem?

  • They say no heat after the transfer but it's OK after EC just not after ET.I made me doubt check πŸ€”Thanks for nice message xx

  • Fantastic news, wishing you all the best xx

  • Thank you so much xx

  • That sounds really positive so far Buffy, I really hope everything continues to go well for you x x x

  • Awwww thank you. I've read some of your posts too. 😊

  • That's amazing! Hope all goes well for the next stage! Xx

  • Great news!!! It's such a relief this stage as you just don't know what to expect! Glad it's gone well so far... πŸ€

  • Yes it is. I thought at first 8 was a low number but who cares when all 8 were premium quality. Feeling rather pleased with my little old eggs 😁

  • Hi Buffy, we did ICSI. They retrieved 8. One was not mature left us with 7. 6 fertilised, 5 went to blast.

    We transferred two blasts and we froze 3.

    I'm also 39 and we've never been pregnant so we were pretty happy with this result and really didn't expect it.

    Now we just need to wait and see if our little blasts will stick! Thursday is my test day...

  • Ohhh sounds amazing. Crossing everything for Thursday tomorrow?for you xx

  • Well done, my transfer set for Saturday to, fingers crossed for both of us x

  • Congrats on the positive results so far - exciting times! Sending positive vibes to you and your lovely embies and looking forward to seeing the next stage of your journey. Xx 😊

  • Thanks for lovely message xx

  • Woop woop! This is amazing, good luck with the transfer and keep us posted! X

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